Paranormal Activity is the worst movie I have ever seen!

See, that’s what I liked about Blair Witch…that it didn’t really ever show you anything. What I can imagine is much scarier than what any filmmaker can show me. Kind of like the shark in Jaws.

I liked Paranormal Activity for the same reason.

But at least in Jaws you got a payoff when it hopped up on deck and ate Robert Shaw. That was worth all the suspense: “Holy shit! That really IS a monster!”

BWP could have just been a bunch of hillbillys messin with the city folks.

I liked it…the biggest thing I think bothers people is that you have to watch this movie the opposite way you normally do. Usually you go into a movie, and you suspend your dis-belief. In order to really enjoy this movie, you have to embrace your dis-belief.

For all the complaints about how stupid the characters were, and how you’d have been out of there right from the start, I suspect that what people mean is thats how they’d behave if they were in the movie, but in real life? Come on. If you had someone tell you they felt a menacing presence that was haunting them, you’d be like “Yeah, whatever” and go looking for the cheese dip. Same with a few bangs around the house. Hell even if you saw video of the door to your room moving, would you really think it was a deamon? Hell no. You’d assume the wind or something.

That’s why I liked this movie, the boyfriend does just about what I’d have done…roll my eyes and want proof.

I agree with what you are saying and I liked Blair Witch. The problem was what PA was presenting just wasn’t scary until the very end (which admittedly was a good scare.)

I liked the movie when I caught it on Netflix Instant View, and it was relatively easy fast-forwarding through the stupid parts…

“No, honey, I don’t know where the footsteps came from or why things keep moving… now let me sleep, willya?”

But I found parts of it creepy, especially when she got out of bed and stood over him for about an hour of FF time.

I also saw the alternate ending and I think that one worked better, but all in all, it was an enjoyable hour.

QFT. I thought it was ok. I love scary movies. And I watched this in the basement, by myself, at about 2am. The anticipation of something bad happening was hitting me in the right spots.

But I also agree with some of the other posters that setting makes a huge difference. I saw the movie Signs at a midnight showing at the movie theatre (with almost no one else there). Walking out of the theatre was creepy. When I rewatched the movie during the daytime… hysterical!!!

Still nothing is scarier than JAWS. Oh, the danger that lurks where you cannot see. Pure dread.


The other night, I went out to out shed to look for an extension cord…late at night…without a flashlight. I thought, “If I were in a horror movie, I would be in deep shit.” But, it didn’t even occur to me to be scared in real life.

The wife is literally dragged out of bed by an invisible force and pulled down the hallway causing the husband to have a tug-of-war with thin air. When he finally does pull her free, there are bite marks on her arm. Caused by an invisible force.

This happens more than 24 hours before the wife is fully possessed and the husband is killed. I enjoyed PA, but the husband is one of the stupidest characters in all of movie history.

I thought the movie was an extended Youtube video. And that’s about it. I kept watching hoping something cool would happen, but seriously, if it’d been cut down to 5 minutes it’d have been great.