Paul Flores and father Ruben trials begin for murder of Kristin Smart

Hey it only took 26 years! Kristen Smart disappeared May 25, 1996. Paul Flores has always been the main suspect. The father is charged for helping hide the body.

The case was badly bungled at the beginning. It had largely been forgotten until Chris Lambert started the Your Own Backyard podcast. His investigation renewed interest in the case. Dateline featured it a few years ago.

I plan to follow the trial testimony and will comment in this thread.

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Podcast: ‎Your Own Backyard on Apple Podcasts

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Opening arguments. I’m still searching for Live coverage of the trial.

The group on Reddit has followed this case for years. They’ll have some great threads.

Even though prosecutors still do not know where Smart’s body is, they are confident the evidence they have gathered over the years allegedly shows that Paul did, in fact, murder Smart.

Question: how may people on the internet will misuse “corpus delecti” to say he can’t be convicted?

What does it mean? I always thought “delicious body”.

A lawyer can do better but it is basically the body of evidence that a crime was committed - not physical victim’s body. So if your wife goes missing and there is no evidence of a crime but rather she just ran off, there is no corpus delecti so you can’t be prosecuted. Wait, that was a horrible confusing example.

That was a funny explanation.

Pretty simple, obviously you shouldn’t be convicted of committing a crime if there’s no proof a crime occurred. As obvious as that seems, defense attorneys often ask judges to dismiss cases on the basis that the state did not provide sufficient evidence of a crime, and sometimes they win.

Sometimes the corpus delecti is actually a corpse, but more likely fingerprints or bodily fluids found on a corpse, or perhaps some bullets or toxins found inside of one.

If the alleged crime is theft and butchery of a pig, it could even be a delicious corpse.

Not since that episode of Kojak 50 years ago.

In April 2020 they busted the son for having date rape drugs and home made videos of him raping and sodomizing young women.

On February 11, 2021, KSBY reported that Paul Flores had been arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department in Rancho Palos Verdes, California on suspicion of being a felon in possession of a firearm, which is a felony.

Why wasn’t this guy in jail for the videos? That’s less than a year and it says nothing about arrest or trial. If multiple self-filmed rape videos aren’t enough to show this guy is a danger to others and should be in jail, I don’t know what would be.

The podcasts give details about Paul’s life after Kristen’s disappearance. Several women were interviewed and claimed stallking and other creepy behavior. I don’t expect any of that to get into the trial. It does say a lot about his character.

He allegedly stalked Kristin on campus. Popped up at just the right time to take her to the dorm after the party.

The body was allegedly moved several times. Daddy Ruben was always a step ahead of the cops. They did find grave wax in an area under Ruben’s deck.

I’m glad there’s finally a trial. It’s a circumstantial case. I’m not sure if there’s enough to convict. Depends on what gets admitted in evidence at trial.

Chris Lambert researched and interviewed a lot of people for the Podcast. He’s been subpoenaed.

The judge’s ruling doesn’t allow cameras or recordings. That makes it difficult to follow the trial.

Chris Lambert has posted 2 short podcasts using his handwritten trial notes. He does a good job providing witness testimony. That’s more information than the news.

Several students have testified about the party and seeing Kristen and Paul. Her friends made an effort to get Kristen back to the dorm safely. It’s so tragic the boy accompaning them left and went back to the party. Then the girl left and went to her dorm. Paul had insisted he would get Kristen back safely.

People that organize these partys should assign a few non-drinkers to walk the students back to the dorm. Make sure people that drink don’t try to drive. Have a great party and stay safe.

Imho forensics will determine the trials outcome. It all depends on proving there was a grave under the Flores deck. Show proof of decomposition. It will need to be very convincing evidence.

The weekly trial summary podcasts are here.