Paying sales taxes in other states.

Assuming your location is correct, you can avoid sales tax simply by buying from a private individual.

If you are buying from a company, you will have to pay sales tax when you register in Georgia. I recently got stung for GA sales tax after buying a car in a private sale in Alabama because the car was actually registered in the seller’s company’s name. It didn’t matter that I didn’t buy from a dealer - the fact I bought from a business meant I had to pay sales tax when I registered it.

NH has neither sales tax nor income tax. To make money the tax the hell out of property. I wouldn’t be surprised if Oregon does too.

Oh hell yes! Property tax, hotel tax, state gas tax and even local city gas tax in addition to the federal gas tax, high cigarette tax, liquor sales are a state monopoly, you cannot buy booze at the Safeway or Costco store, and fees for every government service you can imagine.

You think you own your property and can just sit back once it’s paid off? No, it costs many thousands of dollars per year just to pay your ever increasing property taxes because that is how the majority of schools are funded, with property taxes. You had better be a wise retiree or you may not be able to remain in the home you own. Budget in $1000-5000 per year, if you have a home on an acre, depending upon the value of the structures there. You’ve got additional land? Well we tax that at a reduced rate but will restrict what you can actually do with the land. So you are definitely not going to be allowed to sub-divide the south forty acres and sell it off. We have decided it is habitat that you can’t disturb, but you still need to pay the taxes, you know.

We are going to vote on 2 new additional tax measures next month. One to raise the tax on those damn Mom and Pop businesses that are bleeding the profits out of the public pool, and another to jack up the income tax rate on individuals making more that $125,000 or families making $250,000 per year. Because they must be evil or something. Husband and wife both working and putting two kids though college, evil capitalists!

Oregon is not a tax haven, it is a very liberal and heavily taxed state. We just have an aversion to implimenting the sales tax because we know that they won’t git rid of the income tax. It will be just another add-on.

Beautiful place and I love it here. But Enright3 is correct. It is a crazy mixed up state sometimes.

being very liberal and having no sales tax does not a crazy mixed-up state make.

it’s actually quite liberal.

I tried this in New Jersey. I bought about $1500 in computer equipment too. I filled out the pertinent forms when I did my state income tax, and the state simply refunded the amount I paid in use tax. When I called up, they said I didn’t prove I had actually purchased the equipment because I didn’t include a receipt. Well, since I no longer had the receipt, I couldn’t pay the tax.

I tried to be a good citizen, but…

You can definitely get caught on this if you run a small business and have reported these purchases elsewhere on your return (i.e. depreciating a computer).

I vaguely remember that years ago New York State compared the records from customs declarations with the state income tax returns of state residents. So that they could come after someone who declared and paid customs on clothing or jewelry but did not pay the use tax on these items.