Peanut Butter hiccup cure

Does it work equally well with plain and chunky?

You know that doggie is pulling your leg, right?

I drink the juice from a jar if pickles. Works for me every time.

I used to use the spoonful of peanut butter successfully to stop the hiccups as well. One day I was out and didn’t have peanut butter handy, so I just mimmicked eating a spoonful of peanut butter…tounge thrust against the roof of my mouth and swallowing several times as if I had peanut butter in my mouth…viola’…hiccups gone. I don’t think it has anything to do with the peanut butter, but more with the swallowing motion and reversing the muscles spasms that are causing the hiccups in the first place…which is why most home remedy cures for the hiccups involve swallowing.

I get violent, long-lasting hiccups and peanut butter is the only thing I’ve found that relieves them every time.

My family and friends think I’m something of a freak, so I’m relieved to see others admit to using the same remedy.