Penn & Teller's

I remember reading an article in SPY magazine a few years ago about how if you were in New York city at the right time of year, on the right night, and showed up at the right greasy spoon at the right time you and a bunch of other rowdies would get to go with Penn and Teller to see a movie. They listed some of the “movienight” catchphrases, etc. Like whenever an obvious skyline appears, you whisper the name of the city; when the green screen of a preview appears everyone whispers: “YESSSSSSSSSSSS!”; whenever the title of the movie also appears in the dialogue another phrase is uttered (I forget what - “ahem” or something). (It was noted that during movies such as “A Hard Day’s Night” things were pretty quiet, but movies such as “Dad” were a chorus of throat clearing, heh heh.)

The reason I brought it up is that I assumed since Penn & Teller are for the most part a Vegas act now and this article was several years old it was no longer an occurrance, but having received their latest book for my birthday (thanks bro!) I noticed they mentioned it and wondered if anyone had ever been or had any current info. Any other cities it happens in? Anyone interested in starting a Doper version? heh heh.

Oooookay, apparently you can’t use quotes in a thread title. This should read Penn & Teller’s “Movie Night” should any mods find it in their heart to fix it.