Pennsylvania Dopers: Are you coping?

I heard 62.5 feet by Saturday morning.

It had receded at the bottom of Midvale by dinnertime yesterday, but I’m sure it’s flooded again – that was a fuck of a lot of rain last night.

And wave hi next time you get out towards the Falls Bridge – I’m just uphill from there.

midvale is a swimming pool again. just saw the pictures on action news, they bumped gma.

the roads are an incredible mess. bit of a mudslide on the girard exit. flooding all over the place, trains and buses canceled… just horrible.

i do wave your way when i hike over to main street, twickster.

Everyone, please, always pay the Indians! Never caulk the wagon and try to ford it yourself.

Seriously though, stay safe everyone.

This prediction is about as bad as it was under Irene.

Airman is off work today after being sent home yesterday. Some school districts near the Susquehanna are closed in case the river floods its banks. I myself am tired from listening to the rain and bored silly because I can’t go anywhere or do anything. At least I’m not banned from the Dope!

Latest word from my hometown is that record levels of flooding–i.e., even worse than Agnes or Gloria–for some streams is expected. One of my high school basketball teammates posted “waist deep water in the basement…pretty bad here.” My old high school on a hill and the surrounding neighborhood is basically an peninsula right now. Situation might be getting worse over the weekend.

my relatives in Wilkes-Barre say that the Susquehanna is expected to crest above the 1972 high water mark—mandatory evacuations are going on now.

“An peninsula”…I think you can tell how worried I am about folks (especially my dad down in York) right now. And no good way to get to them. :frowning:

Lots of friends from Sunbury/Northumberland posting pics on Facebook of the Susquehanna. For those not familiar with the area, this is where the west and the north branch of the river meet. The bridges between Sunbury and Northumberland were scheduled to be closed at 10 am. The town of Sunbury has a flood wall erected after Agnes in 72, the crest is expected to be about 2 ft below what the wall can hold.

My mom is in Harrisburg. Her sump pump is constantly running. Flood stage in Harrisburg is 17ft, the crest is supposed to be 26 ft on Saturday.

Heh. And I think of you every time I’m over in Fairmount.

After that pic was taken, the lower, cream-colored building behind the PH floated off of its foundation and hit the gas line. My last news on this was last night, that since the gas leak was underwater, they couldn’t do anything about it at the time.

My FB friends have been posting pics of the Hershey area that show the park flooded…the waters about halfway up the gates, it looks like. Another FB friend showed a section of Hersheypark Drive that buckled about three feet because of the water.

We’re not flooding in this neighborhood (I’m in Lancaster), but it’s just been miserable weather all week. We can’t even get out the front door because it’s so swelled. **supervenusfreak left for work out the back door this morning and slipped and fell. It’s just nasty in general.

Yeah - I’d heard that parts of 83 were closed.

I grew up outside Harrisburg and remember Agnes quite well; this is predicted to be almost as bad as that. No relatives near the river now, though an in-law might be flooded out in Hershey.

I live in Manchester, outside of York, and although I’m up on a hill, word is that even being on a hill, away from the water, isn’t a given for safety. We have a corner of our basement with a slight amount of water in it, but seeing how the basement is used for storage (and the storage on the ground is waterproof), I’ll have Hallboy go down and sweep any water down the drain. Luckily, it’s no where near the heater or the hot water tank (both in the basement).

My co-worker who lives about 5 minutes east in Mount Wolf had her finished basement flood–and her hill is higher than mine. She said in the six years they’ve lived there they’ve never gotten any water in the basement. She’s really upset, as they have insurance, but didn’t have “flood” insurance. (I told her to call the insurance agent and let them know it’s water damage, not flood damage.)

Anyhow, a few miles to the west of me is Dover, which from what I hear, the entire town is pretty much an island.

Schools are closed, and since I work in Harrisburg, and a good portion of downtown Harrisburg will be somewhat impassible due to flooding, our offices are closed today. With Front Street soon to being closed (if not already), and Cameron and McClay closed, and most likely Market Street coming from downtown towards Cameron closed, it’ll be a challenge to make it out of downtown Harrisburg and head South. We were up that way earlier (got a jonesing for Neato Burrito) and we headed to Lemoyne and saw that the main street from Lemoyne to Wormlesyburg was closed off, which means Wormleysburg must be flooded by now.

Not good. Not good at all.

Yeah - even if your house is on a hill, the ground is so saturated the water will get in anyway. Our house was relatively unscathed in Agnes - we only had about 6 inches. Then my parents had us trying to bail it out using a sort of bucket brigade… of course we were dumping it outside the back door, where I suspect it promptly soaked back into the basement.

Our next-door neighbor had several feet - an antique organ they had in the basement was floated by the water and landed on top of several storage boxes. They lost a number of valuable pieces.

The folks across the street, whose basement apparently tapped into some sort of underground spring, had 2 existing pumps running already. The rain overwhelmed the pumps - and the water was up to the ceiling.

I suspect we’ll be hearing a lot of similar stories. I read that one fellow was killed when trying to get stuff out; the water weakened the foundation and the house collapsed.

I believe 83 was closed yesterday due to a mudslid onto 83. Word is that it was somewhere around the Glen Rock exit area.

I take the Rabbit Transit bus from Emisgville to Harrisburg and they were over an hour late coming into Harrisburg yesterday afternoon for pick up. Said the backed up traffic from the mudslid was the reason, but that the mud was cleared from the road. Traffic today on 83 was fine–light, because very few folks are on the roads, but moving fine. Of course, I didn’t head south of York…

I’ve been back in the UK for two years now, but there are still two specific people I’m concerned about that I can’t contact directly. If anyone can tell me what general conditions are in these areas, I’d be grateful.

One of them is in Linglestown - can’t give any more info than that. The other lives up a hill next to Swatara Creek, just off Derry St in Harrisburg/Paxtang borough.

I’m in Pittsburgh, and we got the worst of it in the last few weeks – a big flood downtown, three people were killed. We also got some tremors. WTF???

I heard about that, also that another man drowned.

Hey, that’s almost where my dad is (West Manchester Township). Yes, Dover is getting the worst of it right now apparently, and there are also some evacuation orders for low-lying areas in East Manchester Twp. Dad had a few friends helping him pump out the basement, then he’s going to pump out other basements. It’s typical of my dad, being the mechanical engineer he is, to just happen to have a gas-powered pump sitting around in his garage.

He did have one amusing story amongst it all. When he got home from work he heard something in the basement, so he and his Cairn terrier Molly went to investigate. Molly ran down the stairs as usual, then he heard a splash and thrashing. He turned on his flashlight to see 15 inches of water, and Molly furiously swimming back to the staircase.