Pentagon can't account for $8.7 BILLION of Iraqi aid money. Where's the outrage?

Do you have a name of that welfare mom in Detroit?

Who’s kicking back somewhere relaxing with all the money? Presumably a lot found it’s way to the insurgency, but not all . . .

Just as I thought. $8.7 BILLION unaccounted for is no big deal. It’s business as usual. While the money may have originated from Iraqi oil sales it went through the Pentagon which made them responsible. Now they can’t account for it. La de dee, la de dah. (Remember: the Republicans billed themselves as the party of personal responsibility.)

Remember, the Republican congress impeached Clinton for losing $35,000 on a real estate deal that went sour. They used that to look into his personal life. Yea, he lied. That’s a lot worse than $8.7 BILLION that goes unaccounted. We all know that. If he had stolen $8.7 billion and kept his dick in his pants the dittoheads would want him on Mt. Rushmore because he actually brought some fiscal conservatism to this country.

I don’t watch Fox News, or listen to Limbaugh or the rest of the haters. Tell me if any of these yapping mouths have devoted a program (or more than 5 minutes) to the missing $8.7 billion.

::crickets chirp merrily::

It’s a thought.

Really? Are you just assuming that, or do you have a basis for this assertion? From what I can tell there was little or no oversight being done on these funds, so, that would mean that the problem was that NO ONE was responsible.

And this is pretty much what happens in these situations.

Well, they obviously aren’t, but this really has nothing to do with Republicans (or Democrats). The Department of Defense is certainly run by an appointed civilian, but the Pentagon isn’t either Republican or Democrat.

Apples to oranges. Clinton’s real estate deal was private, something he and Hillary did personally. This oversight was in a government department.

Well, yeah…it was an indications of possible misconduct in his PERSONAL LIFE. This is an indication of possible fraud, waste or abuse IN A FREAKING DEPARTMENT. Do you see the difference?

Or, to put it another way, since it’s obviously what this is all about is a hard on for Bush et al, do you have any evidence that Bush was directly involved in this oversight? I mean besides the wild ass speculation and innuendo that you’ve presented thus far?

You are seriously hyped on this ridiculous analogy, aren’t you? Had Clinton directly stolen $8.7 billion (or $8.6 million, or even $870,000…hell, even $10,000) and been caught, they wouldn’t NEED to have tried to impeach him about a blow job…he would have been toast. Again, do you have any evidence that isn’t speculation or bullshit that directly or indirectly links Bush to this oversight? Or Chaney? Or, well, anyone?

We’ll just drop the part about what may have actually happened to that money, and stick with the basics here.

Do your own research. It’s your assertions. As a hint, most folks around here don’t watch Fox or listen to Limbaugh either…and that includes me. You obviously are making some assumptions here.


•It’s just a few bad apples, again.

You forgot to paraphrase from The Replacements: Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Straw…Straw is forever…


It’s such a hoot listening to lefties fulminate about wasting government money. It’s like listening to a hooker talking about what sluts all the other whores are.

Who are you calling a Lefty, Righty?

It’s such a hoot listening to right-wingers claim with straight faces that they’re fiscally responsible. It’s like listening to a preacher’s wife declaim about declining sexual morals while getting a rim job from the pool boy.

From outside the USA, this just looks like another example of a system without proper accountability - ditto the banking crisis, BP, the Iraq invasion . . . who is accountable? Who is culpable?

It’s not a party political issue, it’s an issue of governance. An issue of the political class as a whole being bought by corporations and vested interests so oversight and accountability are minimal and don’t interfere with profit taking. The entire political system if corrupt, surely?

And while you argue whether red is worse than blue or blue worse than red, the political class want to ascend the moral high ground on al-megrahi and BP. LOL.

Exactly, this is why no outrage. We don’t know it wasn’t stolen. It could’ve been used properly, we don’t know.

But we DO KNOW that the welfare mum in Detroit was getting more money than she should’ve, heck she shoudn’t be getting any at all…Well or so the thinking goes :slight_smile:

LOL You believe this shit!

. . . or the Palins preaching abstinence.