People who wave outside windows of television studios

Does this bug anyone else? You’re watching the morning network news, whether it’s Fox or NBC or what have you, and while the talking heads are reporting the news or doing the chit-chat, some utter moron is standing outside the window, cell phone in hand, waving like a fool. “Tune into Katie Couric! Do you see me? Hi! Right here! Do you see me? I’m on TV!”

To their credit, I have seen curtains drawn sometimes, and during an interview with mothers of fallen 9/11 firefighters there were no wavers (maybe they were kept away?) but I can’t see the attraction to this. I’m waiting for someone to come up and flash them, or hold up some inappropriate sign.

I can’t understand why the networks think this is a good idea. It’s distracting and annoying.

Thankfully, I’m at work already during these shows, but even when I’m home, I refuse to watch them. News anchors should have nice, clean, generic backgrounds. Passersby and traffic do not a professional presentation make.


IIRC, the news desk at ABC’s Good Morning America is on an upper floor where there are only annoying neon NYC signage blinking in the background.

I’ve often wondered how the networks keep from some loony bin hailing signs that are improper in the background. So they have “sidewalk security”? I’ve also thought it would be a good way to pass secret messages back an forth, ie. a terrorist cell telling their minions to proceed with an attack using a seemingly benign sign.