PETA says - don't serve fish for lunch at the Aquarium!

I’ve been to a place in Maine where you are supposed to select your own lobster as it crawls about in its tank.

I don’t go there anymore. I refuse to point the finger of doom at a hapless crustacean.
“Three wishes? Shoot, I’ll give you four wishes!!!”

Is there any organization that is worse for the cause of animal welfare than PETA?

Does it matter to the salmon you had for lunch where you eat it?

Weird!! I just ordered fish from a restaurant called “L’ Aquarium”. Actually I’m eating it…
Keep the PETA within your borders, folks…

Oh no! He pointed at the fugu! What do we do!

Goldfish: “Hey, look. Howards being Eaten!”

Madd Maxx: You live in baltimore? I always figured “Beyond Thunderdome” meant australia.

I certainly have no objection to the idea, although I’m trying to resist the obligatory joke about “Today’s Special: Slow Learner”.

Okay, so I absolutely failed to resist it.

Fish are “intelligent, sensitive and interesting animals”, says PETA.

Okay, I’ll grant them Interesting, but I don’t see how anyone could hang around a fish and call them “Intelligent or Sensitive”
Also, now I think want a poodle burger. looks for listings of the next dog show

Yeah, you heard me PETA. I never wanted one before, but you made it sound appatizing!

Don’t most of the fish in the aquarium eat fish in the aquarium? I don’t think it freaks them out much, why should it freak me out?

Oh, dear Og. *mentally apologizes to Chinese * boyfriend


OK, I should have said any organization that does more harm while ostensibly working on the animal’s behalf.

Madd Maxx:In fact, this one’s so tasty, I think I’ll have…seconds.

There isn’t much fish I would eat anyway, so not eating it at the aquarium is not a big deal for me. However, the proposal that others should not is pretty stupid. I mean, as others have said, even the fish are eating fish at the aquarium. Why should I feel I am any better than they are?

On the other hand, it is hard for me (as one who likes little seafood to begin with) to understand how one might be in the food for fish after watching floating fish heads and entrails, and the little cloud of former fish muck that dissipates after one fish chomps down on another.

I dunno about that. Peta is regularly successful in making me crave a burger. McDonalds… not so much.

Make that “in the mood for fish.” In the food for fish? What the hell would that mean? Sort of the reverse situation?

Just to add a fact or two to the discussion (but I’ll try not to get carried away):

Says on this card that I’m a charter member of the Long Beach Aquarium. I’ve had the fish.

The fish on display are exotic, as you might expect. The dragon fish are quite strange and wonderful.

The fish being served is served at a regular concessionaire-type public cafeteria. It is served in the form of ordinary fish and chips, breaded, deep fat fried, et cetera. The ambiance is that of hyperactive school kids and frazzled teachers’ aides - which is to say, anything but exotic.

So, strictly for the record, there is absolutely no confusing the fish on the paper plate as having more than a casual genetic relationship with the rest of the fish in the place.

For What It’s Worth.

Damn, you beat me to it. What do the People for the Eating of Tasty Anglefish think the sharks are fed? Tofu?

If anything, an aquarium is the most logical place to instill a craving for a McFishparts sandwich.

Rufus Xavier- oh Op, which Aquarium is that?

Note, I am a member of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and they have some very education “what fish to eat” exhibuts" and they serve only eco-safe fish.