Pickles have no calories?

This is the correct answer.

On labels, calories for the ‘serving size’ are rounded to the nearest 5 calories. So if that’s 2 calories, they round down to zero.

Also note the ‘serving size’ included there. Food makers can play games there, too. Specify a smaller ‘serving size’ than people actually eat, and you can reduce the calories, and make the food look less fattening. For a pickle spear, people normally eat one of them (and them maybe another …), so it would be reasonable to call that one serving. But sometimes makers may list a serving as 1 ounce, even if the typical pickle spear is 1.5 ounces. That lets them list a lower calorie count on the label. It used to be common to see a single 12-ounce can of soda pop with the label saying that the serving size was 8 ounces – thus cutting their calorie count by one-third. Or look at the listed serving size on breakfast cereal – often that is less than half of a normal bowl.