Pitting AK84

No idea why you bothered posting on this thread when you’ve got nothing to say.

My “favorite” are any threads about women, civil rights, sexual assault. He’s a tool of the highest order (or should that be lowest).

Right back atcha.

Well, if you watch The President’s Analyst, you might feel differently, as Kropotkin is a complex character, played skillfully and with depth by Severn Darden.

That’s my take on it, but as I recall, his father was a KGB agent, no?

Épater la bourgeoisie

Do you get paid? I would question the smarts of someone who blindly believes a 10 to 1 kill ratio. Especially when both sides have similar equipment. For quite some time had similar training.
One side also has more missile and artillery capacity. And uses them. A lot. Yet can’t seem to hit a tank.
Somehow the other side can do it 10 times more, with less.
I am not saying the numbers are completely wrong. But I suspect, using just logic, that they are actually a lot closer for losses on both sides.

Neither one is true in this case. Both sides might have had equipment from the same manufacturers, but one side has been properly maintaining that equipment, while the other hasn’t.

You’re right, though, that a 10 to 1 kill ratio is hard to believe. Even if that were the real number, Russia’s numerical superiority would have been enough that they’d have won by now. Unless you strictly mean only actual kills by that number, not casualties, including all of the surrenders and defections: Ten kills plus twenty defections for every Ukrainian soldier killed might be enough to account for it.

Back to the topic, far more offensive than AK’s lack of humility is his sexism.

I agree a very large percentage of Russian cold war inventory is just scrap value. Even western countries that did not go through that collapse, poorly mothball a lesser amount all the time.
I feel they still have a great deal left to throw into Ukraine. Some items are easier to maintain and bring back into service fairly quickly. Some deployed forces away from the Ukraine area can be drawn down.
Artillery is a big deal.
Already, Russia has an advantage. Enough now to hold a good portion of the lines. If they bring enough to begin leapfrogging lines of artillery in a couple of spots. It could be quite bad for Ukraine to hold against.
Tanks? Even if Russia has had far less losses than Ukraine numbers say. I am not sure they have enough good ones to mount any large armoured offensives . They will likely only come in after artillery and missiles have pushed back Ukraine forces far enough to minimize the losses. Act as light mobile short range artillery and cut off force in response to smaller incursions.

It would have been nice had this been a putting of someone and rather than a rehash of the Ukraine invasion.

Eh, Russia seems to be invading everything these days.

Bump: looks like this guy has managed to get himself suspended for insults in FQ. (See the “is Europe dark and cold?” thread; not linking here to avoid the Discourse linkback.)

What a shame.

It wasn’t even a particularly interesting or worthwhile insult.

He took a shot at me in a cricket thread for being a self loathing person because I didn’t agree that there was a conspiracy by the umpires in a match between India and Pakistan.

Just to be clear, I’m a (born) Pakistani who has supported the Pakistan cricket team for nigh on 50 years. But I don’t hate India enough for his liking.

He’s a generally antagonistic poster. His comments throughout the World Cup thread never quite crossed a line, but they were almost always more aggressive than necessary.

There’s a certain type of person who thinks that this kind of aggression is what you do when you’re smarter than everyone else.

…or more masculine.

Just wanted to mention, that after a mod review, said poster was banned today.


Figured it should be mentioned so if anyone stumbles back over it years later, they know the who/what/when/where/why.

I’ll also flag it, because @Miller probably will want to close it, as they have with other threads for banned posters.

Yep, thanks. This is closed now.