Pitting Urbanredneck for making shit up and claiming it's facts

Ninja’ed, dammit!

I fully support this pitting. I’m so fucking sick and tired of him posting bullshit and never coming back when he gets called on it. He just shits and runs.

I usually don’t join in these sort of threads, but I’m done with this sort of fucking playing with the truth.

Fuck you Urbanredneck. You should fucking be ashamed of yourself.

As far as I’m concerned the guy is THE embodiment of Trump’s America. He’s the embodiment of every mindless meme, every “I BET YOU WON’T COPY AND PASTE THIS” faux patriotic blathering, posted by everyone’s uneducated creep family member that they moved across the country to get away from.

My god, that’s brilliant. I’m gonna start doing that right away.

He’s always been a troll. Why is he still here?

I was suspicious as soon as I saw this:

I don’t think he made it up himself. I saw another trolly right wing poster on another board post something similar. I think he’s parroting a right wing talking point from somewhere.

So it’s not him who is brilliant. Just someone he’s watched on TV or read on Twitter.

I always misread his name as UBER redneck.
Yeah, no kidding!

Well he did once tell a story so unbelievable and yet so hilarious that is still makes me laugh:


Post #19

That’s some industrial strength crazy there you quoted pool.

Shhh! The wasps might be watching…

So we should all sting him to death?

Careful, the last wasp that said that is lying on the floor.

Cheese it guys! We have enough trouble trying to convince octopus there ain’t no hive here.

CMC fnord!

He does enjoy rolling around in his own pig-ignorant filth. He hears the laughter at his expense but thinks it’s a small price to pay for grossing out the libs.

Well done. But isn’t he the one who drones on?

Isn’t he an anti-vaxxer as well? I could be mixing him up with other knuckleheads, but it seems to be right up his alley.

“One time a friend of mine took his kid in for vaccinations, and the kid got autism from one of them, and when the friend returned to the doctors office EVEN THE NURSE THAT GAVE THE AUTISM SHOT GOT AUTISM!!”

Yes, he was busy promoting that VAXXED movie, claiming he was just asking questions. After everyone tore apart his arguments and bullshit, he wrote that as long as people were talking about the movie “he won.”

Hoo-boy. I miss his old rants about teachers unions.
"Could living in 3rd world squalor be an advantage in fighting Covid 19?
This is something my friend from the Philippines who works in the medical field brought up."

We need a fucking like button, like now.

ETA: He and **UltraVires **got plonked a long time ago. Who needs the aggravation of idiots-on-purpose?