Placing Private Ryan (In therapy)

Even at that, I don’t know that they’d mount a rescue mission like that. They didn’t for Fritz Niland (the real-life inspiration for Ryan)- they just unceremoniously shipped him home from the 101st Airborne in Normandy after two of his four brothers were killed in Normandy on June 6th and 7th, 1944, and the fourth brother was presumed dead in Burma after his plane was shot down (he was a POW in reality).

From what I gather, that was more for his family’s sake, under the theory that they could spare one random infantryman and his family more sorrow and heartbreak without much trouble by simply shipping him to a non-combat assignment in the US. The idea that all 4 brothers were killed would have been more likely to engender a sort of grim resolve in the American people of that era, rather than make them less likely to fight.

This has got me reading about raids…i doubt we will see a movie about Task Force Baum. Maybe it could have been made in the early 60’s. I mean…The Great Escape isn’t exactly a feel-good film.

Probably anytime before “Patton” came out in 1970 would have worked. Since then, anything about his greatest fuck-up will seem like pissy revisionism, unless they make him look sympathetic somehow.