Please explain Canadian Politics to me

RickJay, Leaffan: I’m sorry that the Order of Canada doesn’t impress either of you very much. I take it you both turned it down when it was offered to you?

RickJay: You have rather undermined your own argument. If the Order of Canada is ‘not a very exclusive award’, why did Jules Léger, Edward Schreyer, Jeanne Sauvé, Ray Hnatyshyn and Roméo LeBlanc not manage to be named to the Order before they were appointed Governors General? Somehow a non-entity like Adrienne Clarkson managed this honour with the low bar and those other slackers couldn’t.

You keep comparing Adrienne Clarkson to American journalists that I have to look up. (Bob Costas is some sports guy, right?) I didn’t have to look up Adrienne Clarkson when she was announced as the new GG, and no, I didn’t laugh my ass off. I turned to my wife and said ‘What an interesting choice; that’s great.’

Leaffan: I’m not about to accuse you of bashing Walter Gretzky, but I will say that for recipients whose acclamation is based on charitable work, the hours put in and the public awareness garnered weigh much more than simply how much money one gave. Walter himself has had a pretty tough life since 1991, and if he’d taken every penny that he earned through having a famous, talented son and blown it on booze and smokes, no one would get to say a thing about it. Instead, he has worked very hard for the CNIB and SCORE - that’s why his award was based on charity work rather than philanthropy.

Wasn’t Ronald Reagan an actor at one point in his life?