Plural of "tomato" and "potato"

Whor her out…

The plural of “to-may-to” is tomatoes.

The plural of “to-mah-to” is tomatos.

What’s the plural of tomatillo?

But seriously dudes- why add a “E”?


Because the spelling of English words is often irrational and inconsistent. You can decide that it’s more sensible to act tuf or have a cawf but most people are not going to understand what you’re on about.

Really? :dubious: No one will understand Tomatos?

Quayle only spelled potato[e] wrong because the official answer card the school gave him spelled it wrong. Hardly the act of stupidity it’s been made out to be, and certainly not worth mocking someone about two decades later.

Yes, it is. A non-stupid person would have immediately seen the error and corrected for it.

OK, that question depends on which party or faction you side with.

Well, while were at it, does anybody think that “noes” just looks weird? As in: “In answer to the question, there was a chorus of ‘noes’.”


Now, other than “that’s the way they taught me” does anyone have a *good *reason for adding a un-needed “E” in there?

How about buffalo – which has no less than three acceptable plurals: add {s}, {es} or {}.

[hijack for anecdote]
A Peace Corps worker near my home managed to almost ignore me for her year, despite that we kept crossing paths at Internet shops. When her term was almost up, we crossed again in an ice cream shop. She was in some light argument with another English teacher, acknowledging me only to ask for the plural of “buffalo” … presumably to settle her argument. I hesitated, so she confronted me sarcastically with “What’s the plural of fish?” I smiled and mentioned the “fishes” possibility, whereupon she turned away in anger and never spoke to me again. :o

I guess it’s no weirder than “yeses”, which looks like some Nordic version of Jesus.

What about banjo, gecko and mango?

Commando pl. commandos

therefore argument is invalid

There are exceptions to every “rule.” Those don’t invalidate it in general.

In my opinion, it can go either way. Like “grey” or “gray”. Not every spelling question needs a definitive answer. But I “-es” looks right to me, so that’s what I use.

In my personal life, I would spell both plurals with an ‘e’, but if I were a making a sign, I might spell it without the ‘e’ to help keep prices low by using less ink.

Tomati and potati.

Maters and taters.