Poles in fire stations--dangerous?

Only the good ones. The bad Czechs bounce.

then they wouldn’t need a pole at all, just a hole in the floor.

There was a story on the Chicago news the other day, about a study on causes of on-the-job deaths for Chicago firefighters. Interestingly enough, the top two causes were not directly related to fire: they were traffic accidents while heading to fires, and heart attacks.

Were you a Ghostbuster?

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They also work in government. We have a system of Czechs and balances.

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See what I’m saying? Poles and pole-related accidents didn’t even make the top three!

I’ve seen that done, but not in a firehouse…

I think it was Chris Rock who said that your only job as a father is to keep your daughter off the pole.

One of the two reasons I will do my damnedest to keep her from taking up firefighting as a career.

Not only do I work at one of two places where poles are commonly found, but unlike the other place, there are also beds. Its just a bad idea all around, really.

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That’s not what I meant. Space constraints would require that some rooms of the station be on the second floor, as in any building; the fast exit is what requires the pole or some other special means.

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I once met an L. A. City Firefighter and I asked him what was the most dangerous part of his job. Rather than carrying victims out of a burning building, he said it was driving to and from work every day!

When I was in Kindergarten in 1966 we took a field trip to a small city fire department. A kid asked where the fire pole and we were told that they caused “lots of firemen to get hurt sliding down them”. Don’t know if they really consider 2 to be “lots” or if there were more injuries than mentioned in the OP. But as far back as '66 departments were getting rid of them.

What’s the point of being a fireman if you can’t slide down the pole? Why let strippers have all the fun?

Strippers? How did THEY get into the station? :smiley:

ethnics, strippers, puns; this discussion is hosed.

Stippers use poles for their dances. Without firemen using poles all we would have left is strippers using poles.

Good thread-I suggest you file a complaint with OSHA-they will write a 10 page analysis of fireman’s poles.
I expect lawsuits too.