Police Break Into House Under Restoration

Just assuming for a second that you’re serious - man, does this attitude bother me. Why can’t people understand that violations of rights like this are not isolated incidents? They should be extremely disturbing to anyone in a free society, regardless of whether they were directly affected or not.

A friend of mine says he would seriously have no objections to the government putting cameras up everywhere, filming everything we do (a la V for Vendetta). “Sure. Why not? I don’t have anything to hide.”


The homeowner should count himself lucky that the police didn’t break into the house he was actually living in and use it for “training”, shooting a few household pets and roughing up a few n’er-do-wells (also known as “grandpa and grandma”). The KCMO police force is one of the worst, most incompetent, and most corrupt in the nation. I fear them more than the criminals when I have to go into the city proper.

*which isn’t to say I live in fear; I just think it’s more likely I’ll be harassed by the KCMO police than anyone else. :rolleyes:

It would have been awesome if they found a bunch of dead babies and no way to prosecute the crimes.

Haven’t been to LA recently, I gather? :smiley:

Sorry, I looked on the State Department’s website, and it advised me that it was too high-risk a region to venture to. “Worse than a Tamil Tiger training compound”, I believe it said.

Yeah, uh, right. Awesome. Dead babies. Awesome.

You’re quite right, they need to be dead babies on fire. Then it’d be awesome.

No, that would be super awesome.

(But the smoke might give probable cause thus destroying the awesomeness.)

eye, vagina… whatever
(god, anyone around who still remembers that one?)

I tried to Google to see if there were any updates to this story. I didn’t find one, but it seems our friend Captain Rich Lockhart is no stranger to the media. (Obviously – he is the department spokesman.) Remember the RO Pitting of police that let a woman have a miscarriage while they were processing her for outstanding traffic tickets? And one officer said “How is that my problem?”

“It’s a matter of trust. … We want to make sure the community trusts us to get to the bottom of this regardless of the way it reflects on the police department,” said Lockhart. Sure, Rich. My confidence in you is growing every day.

Satire bothers you? Why don’t you assume I’m a leprechaun and call me out for hording gold?

Andrew Bird, your schtick of acting like a dick for humor/shock value is starting to look a lot like trolling. Dial it back a notch or two, eh?

Hey, as soon as the woman files a complaint, complete with photographs, they’ll get right on it! In the meantime, I find your lack of faith in the KCMO police disturbing.

I suppose it has to do with the fact that it’s not always satire. I don’t really know you well enough to tell, and it seems I’m always running into people these days who honestly would have no problem with it. Sorry for misinterpreting.

How about dead trolls ? Dickstain.

Okay, Andrew Bird is gone and will likely go unmourned, but it would have been pretty funny if the place had been filled with, say, pot plants, and the cops couldn’t prosecute because it was an illegal search.

Don’t watch the Daily Show, it will really get you upset. :wink:

Goodbye, Andy. I assume he was a sock as well as a troll. It was fairly obvious, but I couldn’t be arsed to call him out. There are a few more floating around that are fairly active…

You don’t already know how to get around that?

Scene in the Detectives’ Office at the Urban PD HQ:

“Damn! And no way we can make an arrest, because somebody screwed up!”

“Yeah, I know, Ernie. [pause] Hey, I’m going out front to use the pay phone, OK?”

“Sure, Frank, but you can call whoever from your desk – I won’t listen and will leave the room if you need privacy.”

"Naw, Ernie. Thanks, but this call needs to be from a pay phone.

[Exit Frank; brief “time” cut]

[Phone rings]

“Urban PD, Detectives’ Squad. May I help you?”

“Lissen, Ernie. This is an anonymous tip, and by departmental policy you’re not allowed to ask who it’s from. And don’t try tracing this call; it’s from a pay phone. But I wanted to let you know that if you go to 1547 9th Street, you’ll find the guy there is growing hundreds of pot plants in hydroponic vats.”

“Hey, thanks, man! As soon as my partner gets back in here, I’ll take this call to a judge and get a warrant!”

“No problem, just doing my civic duty. And as for your partner, I’ll, errr, I’m sure he’ll be right back.”


At a trial, the prosecution introduces photographs of the building before the fire; the building during the fire; and the building after the fire. The judge asks the defence if they’d like to introduce any photographs as exhibits. “No, your honour,” the defence attorney says. “We didn’t know there was going to be a fire.”

And the people who are ok with this creep me out. We’ll turn a blind eye and be ok with illegal activity as long as it suits our purposes. Really creepy.