Political commentary of any sort is only allowed in the Pit now?

I guess so, seeing how my thread comparing Republicans to crazy ex boyfriends got moved from IMHO to the Pit.


There was no foul language, no ranting, just using an analogy to make an observation. I suppose I could have just saved myself the trouble and posted “F**k Republicans!” in any random Pit thread. :rolleyes:

Your OP can reasonably be called a rant. It’s nothing but complaints about one political party. You didn’t use profanity, but when you talk about 'this crap" and call them “crazy”, “sore losers”, seems like that’s more Pit material than IMHO.

I’m saying “good call by Asimovian.”

Agreed. “Ranting” is not synonymous with “cussing”. And while some posters feel obligated to include a few gratuitous “fucks” in any Pit thread, some of our best Pittings have been entirely without obscenities, profanities, or swearing.

Bolding mine.


Sure seems like ranting to me.

Your OP reads like a rant about a political party. I treated it as such. I’ll admit to being surprised that was controversial.

I am puzzled by exactly why the OP objects to moving it to the Pit. Clearly he wishes to be insulting to Republicans. The move gives him and others more leeway in doing so.

Also, it’s worth noting that “foul language” has nothing to do with determining if something belongs in the Pit or not. The Pit is basically for two things: yelling at other posters and generalized bitching. Your thread was pretty clearly in the latter category, so it got moved.

Maybe he wants his opinion (and that of the many who agree with it) viewed by the teeming thousands who avoid the Pit.

The best way to do that is to write something that doesn’t belong in The Pit.

I’m sure that anyone who has a strong interest in reading anti-Republican rants is already reading the many such threads in the Pit. The move didn’t significantly cut his audience, and in fact made it easier to find for those who would be most interested.

Exactly. And contrary to this thread’s title, there are plenty of political threads in IMHO that don’t get moved to the Pit.

For it to be “controversial” you’d need lots of people to disagree with your ruling. So far, the only person who seems to disagree with it is the OP.

I think it’s pretty obvious you made the right decision and that it was a pretty easy one.

He could have slapped you with a warning and closed the thread. Instead, he made the effort to preserve it and move it to the Pit for you. Gratitude would be the proper response instead of carping.

I don’t see anything in the OP that violates the rules, so why would he have been given a warning? :confused:

Yeah, a warning would only make sense if the poster had a habit of doing this and had been asked by the mods to stop. But I’m pretty sure that is not the case here.