Political correctness.. necessary to protect people, or is it totalitarian censorship?

The UK press also regularly print stories about how school are no longer allowed to serve hot cross buns at Easter for fear of offending non-Christians, stories which are inevitably manufactured and untrue. The phrase “It’s political correctness gone mad!” has simultaneously become a staple of such media and a parody of itself in the rest of the media.

And no vote for me; neither option is remotely true. It’s political incorrectness gone mad!

“They’re calling asylums ‘care homes’ now. It’s madness gone politically correct.”

  • Armando Iannucci

Why let anyone into a school if they can’t learn at the same rate as everyone else and don’t have the academic talent?

Because schools are public institutes that are meant to teach to everyone, accepting that everyone will have different aptitudes and levels of talent.