POLL: Dopers are a curious lot -- and have been since childhood

The Red-Headed League by Sir Arthur Conan Doyles

“Yes, but what was the point? The purpose?” - Mr. Wilson (in the TV Sherlock Holmes Granada TV serial version with the great Jeremy Brett) :wink:

Oh yes, had Comptons 1974 series beautiful blue and white covers. I read them cover to cover. Funny you purchased them one volume at a time, “A” was three books while “B” was only one. They also sold yearly yearbooks and science books to keep the whole set current. I still remember the first chapter form the science year book, A visit to a large Planet the Pioneer missions to Jupiter.

That’s an XKCD.

(ETA: There’s an XKCD for everything.)

Yep, and @DesertDog posted the same thing 3 days ago. It is a good one.

He posted it without saying it was XKCD, which is why I posted saying that is was XKCD in response to him.

And he posted the permanent link. I should have clicked, first. My apologies, @DesertDog, sometimes I’m an idiot.

I figured it would be instantly recognized as XKCD by this lot – Munroe has a distinctive style even when it’s just text. Your link lets them see the mouse-over, though.