Poll: Is Frazz a rip-off of Calvin and Hobbes?

Think about it as Frazz being Hobbes not Calvin. He is in the background of the story guiding invention but within boundaries for the kids and grown ups. He even has the same lanky curved body as the tiger. And like the tiger he doesn’t really appear to the adults.
I like the strip but IRL janitors like him would be a problem.

Say what??? When has that ever happened? He was their former student. He is summoned, by name, by adults when there is a spill or other disaster. He plays basketball with one teacher, harasses another, dates a third and how he and the others relate is shown any time necessary. Frazz is very real to everybody.

First time I saw Frazz I thought Watterson had come out of retirement. Don’t think I’d call it a rip-off tho.

An homage?

good slapdown. I am humbled.

I’m glad this was revivified, as it’s introduced me to a nice new comic strip.

Oh, and count me in the “not a rip-off” camp.

These kind of discussions are always weird to me, because if I like an artist, I’m generally going to like people who make art in a similar style. It’s weird to say that someone is ‘ripping off’ a comic strip that stopped being made a quarter century ago because they use some similar techniques that aren’t even unique to the strip (eyes that are sometimes oval dots and other times have whites, spiky hair) but not a lot of other techniques used in the strip (more realistic proportions vs Calvin’s caricature shape), and that some minor elements are similar (main character has light hair) but not the major elements (one strip primarily focuses on adults and has a focus kid who often says adult things, other strip is focused on a child who acts childlike and mostly shows adults as foils). Generally if I like an artist, I enjoy seeing people inspired by them. A strip with good writing and high quality art that borrows some basic elements from another one that I like is great, as is a band that plays music similar to another band that I like.