'Possum in My Yard... What Do I Do?

Observed at the bottom of this thread just moments ago, courtesy of Google Ads:

"Humane animal trapping and repairs Raccoon, Squirrel, Skunk, Bat, etc. "


guess they don’t do possum.

Didn’t someone have a thread about an opossum in his basement?

I think he knocked it off a pipe into a bucket or something. I just remember the ‘I stared it in the eye and decided I needed more research’ part. It was pretty hilarious. Maybe he has some tips. :slight_smile:

That would be Hal Briston’s Horror in the Basement. IIRC, he kept relocating it, and it kept coming back.

I learned from the Wikipedia entry that the opossum has more teeth than any other land mammal, and also that opossum sperm cooperate in pairs. And also when they do that “show your teeth and go SSSSSSSS!” thing, they’re exuding something foul-smelling from their anal glands, in case you didn’t get the message with the teeth and the hissing.

Opossum oil is high in essential fatty acids and “has been used as a chest rub”, if you’re into the “everything but the squeal” disposal method.

Or the erdy, dirty, birdy feet.

Yes, I do know the whole song. Doesn’t everyone?:stuck_out_tongue:

You insist on cracking me up and giving me an earworm at the same time.

My coworkers are in for a treat!

It’s generally not legal to discharge a firearm inside city limits.

So I recommend a spear gun.

That’s what I was thinking. Are those edible? Do they do anything good for the environement?

Let’s hope so. Otherwise, If it can’t roasted I’ll bet it would make a fine stew.

Almost everything makes a fine stew.

I believe that should be “dirty, turdy birdie feet.”

So here’s the latest on Mr. Possum (Could me Ms. Possum, I didn’t get close enough to look).

I went out before work and he was still sitting on the fence; he had moved about a foot, from my privacy fence down onto my neighbor’s chain link. And there he sat. I got up to about 4 feet away and took a good look at him… never seen one that close, and he hissed and snarled and made no attempt to back down. When I left, he was still motionless.

Once animal control opened, I called from work and told them the situation. They said I coudl RENT a live trap from them for $5 for 2 weeks plus $50 deposit. I was to set the trap, bait it, catch the possum, and THEN they would come remove it. WTF? My taxes pay their wages!

People at work told me they will kill said possum if they pick him up. Now, I know they are not endangered, but I don’t want him DEAD, just… GONE. So now I am considering relocating him myself if I rent the damned trap.

Why can’t things be simple>

And, yes, I have 2 85 lb. dogs, but they are big wussies, and probably thought he was just a big fluffy cat they could play with like they do my cats. Neither of them really have the killer instinct. I think the Papillon, at 8 lbs. would be more likely to try to do him in, but since the possum is roughly twice her size (plus she has very few teeth, while the possum seemed to have at least 342 of them, all 6" long and razor sharp) I just don’t think she’s up to the challenge.

So the possum drama continues.

Just kill the freaking thing; easiest way is a 22. If you don’t have a gun, baseball bats are not all that expensive and if you can get to within four feet of it, I’d bet you could get a little closer. Go for the head, hard and often. They are worthless beasts under the best of conditions so don’t feel sorry for it and don’t worry about them going extinct. They will be here long after we are gone.

What is this opossum eating? There must be some food around that attracts it. If you eliminate that food it will probably go away.

Nope… no food at my place. I don’t free feed my dogs, they eat everything given in one sitting. I don’t feed wild birds or anything like that, and my garbage cans are secured. There is a business behind my house, and the possum has been seen visiting their dumpster by a neighbor. Evidently , the possum likes take out.

Have you not heard the expression, “Grinning like a possum eating shit?” Having two dogs, I imagine there will be a morsel or two of possum food around most of the time.

We once drove a raccoon out of our car with a bowl containing a rag soaked in ammonia. I’s bet possum do not like the smell any better. If you use ammonia to drive it away, remember that ammonia is a nasty, dangerous chemical so read the material data sheet and follow recommended precautions.

DAMN, so much possum hate… Possums are important scavengers… There is no reason to kill it. We had a possum in our yard for a couple of days, and it did not want to be near our dogs, and left for greener pastures… Get some more information instead of killing them.

That link would have persuaded me if it weren’t for the photos of the evil creatures.

Seriously, like all of us, dog or doper, he’s just trying to make a living. Leave him alone and all will be well.

That possum is not being brave. He is in full fear mode, and too stupid to climb down the other side. Get a big stick or baseball bat and knock him off the fence.

I have a 15 lb. Jack Russell bitch who generally keeps my yard possum free, but occasionally one will climb the fence and sit there like a dumbass. They won’t move for love nor money. You’ll have to force him off somehow.

Well, I will not be joining the Opossum Society any time soon. (Seriously, they honestly think we could drive the things extinct? If we haven’t done it with a century of automobiles it isn’t going to happen. A possum could get run over by a parked car.)

On the other hand, I see no point in killing the thing - I don’t care for them, they’re nasty things, but it was here before you were and it does serve a useful purpose in the urban environment. I don’t think you should take any animal’s life without good reason, no matter how many nasty little babies are hanging off it.

Hey, as ugly and toothful as the adults are, the babies are cute.
Ha! Mongo straight!