Post-inauguration impeachment

How GOP senators can hear about stuff like this and still stand by him, as politically gutless as they are, remains astonishing to me:

Just sent via email to my own Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio):

Having already announced your retirement, I thought you might - just might - show more courage and actually vote to convict former President Trump in his Senate trial. For his own selfish ends he summoned the mob, and he riled up and sent the mob, which stormed the Capitol in a direct attack on American democracy. He incited an attempted insurrection, and your failure to acknowledge that - your implicit excusing of his criminal conduct - is as horrifying and craven as it is by now, I suppose, unsurprising.

Shame on you.

And to the seven GOP senators who voted to convict:

Although I’m not a constituent of yours, I wanted to extend my warmest thanks for your commitment to the rule of law and for remaining true to your sacred oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, as shown by your courageous vote at the close of the Senate impeachment trial of former President Trump. He was clearly guilty as charged of inciting insurrection, as proved by the House managers. As John Adams said, ours is a government of laws, not men, and I commend you for not yielding to the personality cult that has overtaken the once-great Republican Party.

Well done, Senator, and many thanks again.