Prayer before the Inauguration?!
Looks like at least the FFRF has filed suit unsucessfully before.
And of course, searching for either of these issues brings up dozens of sites pointing out the violation of SOCAS.

If you’re going to be adamant about what the Constitution doesn’t say, can you please make sure you know what it does say? Can you please point me to the words “an official religion” in the text of the First Amendment? If you cannot, then you are offering little more than your interpretation, which happens to differ from several decades of judicial interpretation at the highest levels.

  1. African-Americans, as a group, overwhelmingly vote Democratic.
  2. African-Americans, as a group, tend to be very religious and attend church a lot.
  3. The history of African-American political activity in this country is intimately tied in with their spiritual life.

If you’re going to post in GD, can you please try to argue from truthful premises?