Predict the Tread UncleBeer Locks Next

Iva, email one of the gang so we can keep in touch with you, kiddo!

yes, please!! the emails are going fast and furious right now.

Incubus, looks like you won the bet. :smiley:

'Cept it wasn’t Uncle Beer… it was Coldfire.

Incubus pushed the button harder! :smiley:

Hmm … good point.

Bet still stands!

I say the “Predict the Death of the previous poster” thread.

Ooo, another good choice, SanguineSpider.

Hmm … after this thread, I predict …
“The Consecutive Numbers Game” and “Rename the Previous Poster”

I second Predict the Death of the previous poster (nice call SanguineSpider I am wondering if perhaps UncleBear has retired for the evening though.

Kind of sad (pathetic even) it hasn’t been closed by now. The thread too mundane to be killed.

Thanks, ** astro. **
I guess.

Yeah, I saw all those threads he locked and went “DAMN!”

Somebody pissed in his cornflakes! :smiley:

sigh good thought, peritrochoid


Since it all HAS seemed Very random and Arbitrary
more so than your average football game, this is a Tough one!
Lets see…
could be Long threads
nope, they haven’t all been long
could be threads noone was enjoying
nope, several of the ones he closed were being enjoyed by many people
could be threads that were just rambling with no ‘meat’ or viable discussion
nope, at least ONE of the threads he closed had consistant waves of deep discussion, simply because it Was long enough for people to get comfortable to enter into difficult topics
Could be threads that had no participation
nope judging from the numbers, That wasn’t it
Could be threads that ticked people off
nope there are a lot of those still open
Could be threads that weren’t contriversial enough
nope those die on their own
Could be threads noone invited Uncle Beers to participate in …
Wait …
Wait …
Wait …
I don’t see any counter example for that one!!!
I think I HAVE it!!!

I’m predicting it will be any thread over 3 pages that hasn’t invited Uncle Beers to participate it!!!

Naw, that CAN’T be it … I’m sure that even thinking that was overly mean of me … and overly arbitrary of me, as well.

I’m sure if we could just see it, we’d see a genUine pattern of goodness, for the over-all well-being of the boards and the best goodness and enjoyment of all, behind every thread that just got suddenly closed … with no apparent reason or explaination!
I’m just Sure of it!!!
I’m sure it CanNot be that Uncle Beers was just personally bored of those threads and closed them just because he can …
I’m sure it was to spring us all free from feeling like we were Forced to check in on the thread and maintain discussions day-after-day … as if they were interesting or important to us.
I’m sure it was to Free us, so we’d venture out among strangers and expand our horizions among other posters, where we would not be forced to think in terms of … for every one of us who were posting, there were 10-50 other people checking in daily to see where the discussion had gone!
I’m sure it was for the goodness of all … just as I’m Completely Sure that Uncle Beers thoroughly read every one of those threads, to see what they were about, and wheither they were providing entertainment and discussion forum to members, before he slammed the door on them!

I’m sure he did what he did with full understanding of each thread and the people participating in them!

I believe … I DO Believe!!!
I mean, After All, these boards Do Exist simply for the enjoyment of the folks who participate in them, either posting or reading them … so I’m SURE it was with the enjoyment of the participants that those threads got closed! [size1]since, from what I’ve read from folks far more in the know and more technical than I … there are no technical reasons for closing them … the hamsters no longer care how long a thread is[/size]

That was funny, Wyatt. :slight_smile:

I’ll place a bet on the consecutive number thread next, it got pointless when people started just using math relationships.

I’m sure there are a multitude of message boards you can participate on if you don’t like the way we run the SDMB.

Cajun Man ~ SDMB Moderator