Premier League Football Fans: What team should I root for?

Come on now. I’d expect more sympathy from a Man City supporter. You must know what it’s like to have your heart broken a few times, eh? :smiley:

And you have to admit, this is Newcastle’s best chance at silverware in about 50 years.

(Oh, and I’m not a Newcastle fan, but I know some stand up people who are, so I feel for 'em.)

Well my friend you’ll certainly get a degree of sympathy from me. Yes I’ve had my heart broken more than a few times but hopefully now the good times are back.

Newcastle may well regain premiership status this season, the burning question is- can they hold onto it?

Friedel hasn’t been the #1 American keeper for a couple of years, and has retired from international football as well. So if you want to keep in this same vein, though, might I suggest Everton? Been near the top 4-6 that past few seasons, and has the actual #1 American keeper, Tim Howard?

Watch the Bundesliga instead. The best teams aren’t as good as the EPL but the league is more balanced and lately the villainous Bayern Munich has been struggling.

If you want to stay with the EPL then consider these clubs with Americans:

  • Fulham have Clint Dempsey and sometimes Eddie Johnson. This is where Brian McBride and Carlos Bocanegra used to play and we nicknamed them FulhAmerica for a while.
  • Everton have Tim Howard
  • Aston Villa have Brad Friedel backed up by Brad Guzan, so if you have a thing for American’s with receding hairlines named Brad, this is your team. Also their colors are nice.
  • Hull City have Jozy Altidore who is the latest “future of American soccer”. Could be fun to watch him develop plus Hull City will be trying to stay up which can actually be quite interesting.
  • West Ham United have Jonathan Spector who has looked quite respectable lately. FWIW I always have trouble telling them apart from Aston Villa based on their uniforms.

Think that’s pretty much it for top flight; their are also several in the Championship, sometimes threatening to come back up. Problem there is you’ll seldom see them play. Of the teams above I’d say the first three tend to show up on FSC the most often.

Well clearly I can only approve. Up The Villa!

I got to say.


Life will be nothing but misery for you. Every season starts off with new hope, to be shattered at some stage, whether earlier or later. Run away. Don’t look back.

Then again, the life of a fan is not meant to be happy. I love my Villa with a passion. A Saturday on which they lose is a Saturday I want to curl up in a ball all day.

Supporting a club like Man Utd is a pointless experience. First, everyone who knows the game will look at you like you are a knob. Second, you have nothing to gain. A win is expected; a loss is traumatic. There are no evenings of elated pride for beating a team better than your boys, because there aren’t really any teams better than your boys out there.

Chelsea and the Arse have the same problem. Liverpool to a lesser extent because they do at least manage to choke worse than 12 year old hookers on a regular basis. As I have told me old mucker Chowder, I have always had a soft spot for City, but they could be blowing that this year. If the filthy oil money lifts them into the top four regularly, they will be just another Chelski (though with a significantly more real fan base, I will admit).

So find a team that is always on the edge of the big time, that plays attractive football, and has a chance to create upsets, but will break your heart in the end.

Villa it is then. You poor, poor sod.

And to add on - don’t ever support a team for a player. Players are temporary, and too often will coem back to break your heart.

Yes, Dwight Yorke, I am looking at you, you Judas Bastard. I hope you choke on those 30 pieces of silver. And now would be the time to mention that Gareth Barry’s knee is looking pretty dodgy.

Trivia alert
Apparently, some time back in the 1890-somethings, a sprinter from London had a race against four Villa players. When they lost and couldn’t afford to pay the bet they’d promised, they gave him some villa shirts instead. His son went on to play for West Ham…father passed the shirts to son, son passed the shirts to the team, and so the story ends. (Villa is one of the oldest teams in the league - one of the 12 founding clubs of the Football League in 1888).

Try reading this, which is part one of two (link at the bottom of the page). It’s a couple of years old so some of the teams mentioned have since been relegated but most are still up.

I’m an accidental Liverpool fan because someone told me that no one over the age of 8 can switch teams. But, to be honest, I don’t know who I’d switch to - I’m stuck, and everything CRSP said about them is true. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for following them? Well, to be frank, a lot of theft is involved - the FA has the rights tied up tighter than a drum and it’s next to impossible to get replays and highlights otherwise. The PTB frown on public discussion of it; PM me if you’re curious. I can follow weekday games at work using the BBC’s wonderful (and hugely improved this season, I might add) Livetext. I have a Livejournal account and follow maybe a dozen different RSS feeds that way as well as a couple of team-specific site, but I’m lucky that I follow 'Pool - not nearly as much out there if you choose to follow, say, Fulham. I spend a lot of time on UK news sites, particularly the BBC and the Times, but also (and I really hate to type this) the Daily Mail - some of their Top 50 series have been interesting. Just don’t read the fucking Sun, ok?

I say go for Manchester City.

First, their new shirts are damn cool. See here:

Second, while there is an element of bandwagonism given their newfound riches, you’re still getting in before anything has been substantively achieved. To me, this is different (and less obnoxious) than heading straight for Manchester United. If they manage to live up to their potential, you can be there before the first trophy (in a while) is raised. Some bandwagonism is inevitable. After all, you do want your team to be in with a chance if you’ve got a choice in the matter.

Third, it would be fun to watch your team splash the cash all around Europe, trying to pry the biggest stars from some of the biggest clubs, and watching to see if all these new faces can work together. The matches will be exciting.

Fourth, they are cross town rivals of Manchester United. All the better to stick it to them.

In any event, please do not choose Manchester United (glory hunting to the max) or Arsenal (every other American who has stopped over in Heathrow seems to emerge an Arsenal supporter).

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I say go for Manchester City.


I knew there was something about you that I liked :smiley:

Haha. Being a top American keeper is rough on the hair. Kasey Keller and Tim Howard are also folically challenged.

Marcus Hahnemann too.