Prime Minister Boris Johnson tries to lead the UK

The problem we have in the UK is that despite First Past The Post giving the government a strong majority, politics is still dominated by feuding and coalition forming. The Tories have an 80 seat majority and so should be able to drive through a programme of government, but they are constantly fighting amongst themselves, split between Spartan Brexiteers, Red Wallers, low-taxers etc.

Hence the recent programme for government (aka Queen’s Speech). Despite us facing an enormous cost of living crisis, a likely recession, an ongoing health provision crisis, plummeting trade plus minor things like climate change, the best the government could come up with to deal with these issues was a plan to let people change street names more easily plus some culture ear bullshit. Because the feuding between different factions doesn’t allow any actual action to be taken.

If that’s achieved through retirement and not replacing people when they leave - rather redeploying to fill gaps - then it’s just a bit of an ambitious timescale. You’re right, though, in that it’ll have zero effect on global energy prices.