Private emails , Ivanka version

It will make the rallies, which may feature the hypocrisy, more absurd to more americans, which would help.

I’m not seeing a #3 there…

Okay, let’s go with number two. Number two number two.

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You would think the administration, if it had any single rule, would have had a rule against this.

But, but, but, but, but…her emails!!

OK, so this talking point is ruined - off the table. So, let’s see who’s gonna screw-up other perfectly good memes, like Benghazi - who will mess that one up?

Wow; that’s like, oh, every safety meeting before a gig ever. If I had a nickel for every person who thought OSHA was stupid and the rules should just be ignored, I’d be rich (and have the same number of dead & maimed friends and former co-workers as I do now).

Trey Gowdy, the current (but retiring) head of the House Oversight Committee (which Oversights the Government in general, not just the House) has sent a letter to the White House requesting info on Ivanka’s use of private email.

I’m sure Gowdy’s just killing time here, but I can’t help being amused that he’s doing it in a way that will piss off the Donald.

Man, Ivanka can’t even feign ignorance about this given that the entire damn 2016 election was centered around Hillary’s shitty IT practices. I hope like Hell that the House Democrats hold countless hearings about this and drag Ivanka into multiple 11-hour grillings.

Lock. Her. Up.

The house dems also need to investigate Trump using his private android phone, Mike Pence using a private email server when governor of Indiana, and mar a lago having unsecured wifi.

All those things need to be investigated endlessly, and democrats need to control the narrative.

Surely the most important thing here is that she’s pretty. :smiley:
So there’s no need to investigate her. :smack::confused:

It would be emotionally satisfying to see GOPster’s noses rubbed in their own shit, but it might backfire — look like the Democrats were being mean to Thumpy’s poor little cutey-pie baby.

Remember that America’s undecided voters are peculiarly stupid, and certainly incapable of drawing any parallel between two different e-mail scandals.

For the life of me I don’t understand why this isn’t a huge scandal. It seems like a bigger security risk than Clinton’s emails. I do think it’s important that Dems not appear petty and vindictive with their investigations starting next year, but this seems like a situation that genuinely requires addressing.

To me, she looks more like a RealDoll™ than a person. She’s got that Uncanny Valley look to her.

Americans weren’t even capable of following one e-mail scandal. I heard a guy on the bus ranting nonstop about how Clinton was so rich, she could have easily afforded her own computer, and why did she have to cheat to use a government-owned computer instead, paid for by our tax dollars.

There was also a bipartisan Oversight Committee effort to get private emails from administration officials using those accounts for government business last year. That got dropped with other stuff going on in committee after the administration mostly blew them off. Gowdy is taking a parting shot but it’s also unfinished business for him as chair.

It can be easy to miss the stuff that still happens in a bipartisan fashion in the current environment. People don’t know who to scream at. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please help me remember the Clinton thing…

Was it just her using a personal account? I’m remembering something about an “unsecured server”, scrubbing of computers and actual secret/confidential emails going places and being found where they weren’t supposed to be.

Those prob are Fox News talking points but I swear I haven’t turned on FNC in over a month. I was exposed to alot of Russian Facebook posts back in 2016 though.

It was about her using a private e-mail server. Supposedly the server was “unsecured”, except that in actual fact it turned out to be more secure than the official governmental one she was supposed to be using.

So, if we apply the same standard, both Ivanka and Hillary should be locked up? And all the stuff about how Hillary didn’t do anything criminal was bullshit?


Why start now?