Private v public employees

You have the advantage of a goal (making sure that the kids learn the most possible) which is clearly good and independent of what a stupid committee thinks. In industry sometimes you are working on something which in the not very long term is not going to have any value. A project which is so far behind that it is likely to be canceled, for instance. I worked on one of them for Intel, and luckily for me I had so little invested that I could just leave. But there were people there a long time that were stuck. I know lots of others. In that situation sometimes it is better to do the minimum you can get away with, especially if you are close to retirement.
If you are assigned to write a report which you know is never going to be read, you don’t have to spend a lot of time on proof reading.

It would appear that I struck a nerve with the donut eating, lazy gubmint folks. Y’all need to git off yer asses and return an occasional email. Not many private sector replies. They’re probably working over the holiday weekend.

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I work in the private sector. My team has scheduled a weekly “virtual coffee break” where we chat about our weekends and our dogs. It replaced the organic chit chat we had prior to the pandemic. Tons of studies have found that people work together more effectively if they relate to each other as human beings. (We also have quarterly “everyone gets together in the office, and we have some generic meetings combined with a lot of ‘team building’ activities”.)

As for donuts, these days we can work from home, but my grand boss brings pastries to the office every Thursday to coax people to show up in person.

I think you are barking up the wrong tree.

Naw, i don’t want to promise something i can’t deliver. I don’t know if I’ll get approval. I need to think about exactly how to word that, and maybe i want to talk to my manager before i reply.

Now, i do have external partners that i need to respond to quickly. And yeah, i might give a non-reply, like, “i got your email, i hope to get you more details next week.” But i wonder what your relationship is with these people. ARE you a priority for them? Is advancing your agenda part of their job? Or are you a an extra thing that is maybe nice for them, but not part of their job?

Hmmm. If I took a box of donuts to the town offices, they couldn’t accept it. There’s only one department in our town where free food from businesses is delivered regularly. The Police department. The Fire department in the same building does not allow it, and fire department personnel are not supposed to go over to the police side, even off duty to partake. But vendors are bringing food to my private sector company all the time.

Same with junkets. Public sector employees are monitored very carefully when they travel. Executives at our company are jetting about on private jets of suppliers all the time. There’s never a Very Important Strategy Session in Cleveland somehow. La Jolla and Monterrey seem more conducive to deep thinking.

Puzzlegal…Thanks for an intelligent response to my question…finally.
To answer your question…Yes advancing my agenda is important to my public agency partners. Both agencies have been working toward the same goal as me for the past ten years. The goal is getting Greenback Trout into various waters here in Colorado. My charge is to monitor temperatures in rivers and find the most suitable river reaches for reintroduction. Advancing my agenda is a HUGE part of their job. That’s why the ghosting is so confusing.

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