Pro Choice Life of the Mother Vs Live of the baby

IIRC, in a thread about a pregnant eight-year-old (raped by her step-father), he stated that she should gladly give up her life for her children. (She was pregnant with twins).

There are no words for this guy. At least none I can use in THIS forum.

Good analysis, and I’m sure you’re right.

I only offer one tiny suggestion: change “when he comes back” to “if he comes back.”

Ah yes, I remember that chilling bit as well.

You can leave off everything after “rational”, actually.

Why the stipulation about mental issues? Women who had varying “mental issues” were sometimes allowed to abort a fetus before Roe v Wade. For example, a woman with a history of depression and suicide attempts could get permission to have an abortion in the early stages if a psychiatrist thought that being forced to carry the fetus to term would possibly cause the mother to take her own life.