Problems accessing the SDMB

If you are having trouble accessing the SDMB since the change to the new software, hopefully you can at least read this post. Please send an email to and we’ll try to get you sorted out. If you previously sent an email to TubaDiva, we do not have access to her email and have no record of any conversations you may have had with her.

DO NOT CREATE A SOCK ACCOUNT. And if you can’t access the new site because you had the wrong email on your old account, definitely do not create a sock account using your new email since the system only allows one user per email address and that will lock you out of using your new email with your old account (which is a lot more hoops we have to jump through to fix it).

Thanks, I just sent an email. Hope this will take care of the problem.

I just had a problem: had to buy a new laptop today as my other one died in the arse. Brought all my bookmarks over from Chrome and the new board wanted my password again, naturally.

It’s the password I’d had for nearly 20 years on this site, and Discourse wouldn’t recognise it. Bit of mucking about, set a new password (which was actually the OLD password anyway) and BOOM, good to go.

This is Larry_Griffin-Kentzel. I can no longer access the email associated with the username.

I created a sock Griffin-Kentzel with this email addy (before I read the ATMB thread telling me NOT TO DO THAT Sorry!

Is there some way to change the email for the username Larry_Griffin-Kentzel to this addy and delete the username Griffin-Kentzel.

Apologies for not reading the ATMB thread first.

Larry Griffin-Kentzel

Original SDMB username Cajun Man. Ed Zotti changed Cajun Man to Larry_Griffin-Kentzel

Send me an email


Just a record of thanks for fixing my account - really appreciate the support.

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engineer_comp_geek I haven’t heard from you and the problem persists.


I have sent you an email and a private message a week ago and have not received a response. I want to help you but you need to respond.

I did not receive your message.

I just found the email, but I can’t seem to respond.

Thanks engineer_comp_geek, I think it finally worked!

Larry Griffin-Kentzel