Project 2025 is more than a playbook for Trumpism, it’s the Christian Nationalist manifesto

I think the more common one is "I have to try to force other people to join my religion because my religion says if they don’t they’ll go to Hell, and I wouldn’t want to go to Hell, so they must also want to be saved from Hell so I have to force them (or at least keep hassling them) to convert!’

True. Plus it’s the duty of a Good Christian to save sinners from the torments of Hell, whether they want to be saved or not. Runs up their credit balance in Heaven to be trying to save souls. Gives them a nice warm feeling of virtue.

“Look what you made me do!”

SOP for abusers everywhere.

I just read the New York Times interview of the leader of the Heritage Foundation about Project 2025. I wish the interviewer had been more specific in his questions. The leader talked about reducing the size of the government. Reducing the size of the government has been a perennial goal of reactionaries for decades.I wish the interviewer had asked for a specific list of government programs to be defunded or eliminated. Every item in the domestic budget has a powerful political constituency to protect it. The largest and most expensive programs are the most popular. Most Americans want the government to help them get through life. The federal government grew to its present size in response to popular demand.

Trump wants to get rid of the Department of Education. I see why - It never did anything for him.

He also seemed to want to kill the EPA, which the Republican Party has hated forever (hence Trump putting a climate change skeptic and buddy with the oil companies in charge of it) and was doing everything he could to undermine the USPS and has called to privatize it.

We can probably go on and on about the programs the Republicans are quite openly trying to shut down.

Don’t forget that he asked oil executive to Mar a Lago and asked them for a billion dollars to get elected. IF elected he would undo a bunch of environmental protection stuff.

It’s ok to make promises to get elected. But that was outright solicitation of a bribe. That’s a tad illegal. Add it to the stack of other crimes I suppose. Might have this sorted out in 20 years or so.

IMHO, he should have been arrested on Jan 7th.

I don’t think that would have been possible, with the way the DOJ had refused to prosecute a sitting president, but on January 20 when Biden was inaugurated that shield went away, and for me it should have happened then.

Ah right. I’d even give them an extra month to go over the evidence that the entire world has seen.

Well, it took four months since I started this thread, but the mainstream media is finally starting to look into Project 2025 and at least some places are sounding the alarm…

MSNBC: Trump World ‘panicking’ as Project 2025 gets on the radar of voters
CNN: Trump seeks to distance himself from pro-Trump Project 2025
LA Sentinel: Trump’s Project 2025 Leader Declares ‘Second American Revolution,’ Warns of Violence
Washington Examiner: Biden campaign attacks Trump press secretary over participation in Project 2025 video
Newsweek: Project 2025 Leader Working to Implement Policies of Putin Ally: Professor
LA Times: The return of McCarthyism? That’s what Trump backers’ Project 2025 sounds like

I guess it helps bring it to a wider audience when Trump claims to be no part of it after one of the architects of it had quotes that were seen as harbingers of violence…

Imagine if the head of the “Center for American Progress” said something to the effect of, “What we are doing is starting a Second Revolution for Progressives in this country. And it will be bloodless if the right-wing allows it to be.”

The right-wing media would go absolutely friggin’ ballistic at the idea.

It’s interesting that this kind of talk from the Heritage leadership isn’t seen as problematic by anyone on the right. This just goes to show that the right-wing is more infused with the idea of political violence. They think about it more, and they are generally OK with the idea of political violence. Think of who they voted for…Trump has encouraged violence at his rallies against protesters, he has advocated police brutality, he has advocated protesters at the White House be shot in the legs, and he likes Putin who has committed political assassination against rivals. People who support someone like Trump are going to normalize political violence.

So, when does the Heritage Foundation become labeled a domestic terrorist organization? Because I don’t think we’re far off.

Agreed. This is yet another example of saying the quiet part out loud. We have the head of The Heritage Foundation advocating for the overthrow of the American government, and threatening violence against political opponents. Not a lawyer so I don’t want to comment on laws which might be broken here, (now that’s a question I would love to see answered), but this is still incredibly dangerous. And I know a “second American Revolution” can be read metaphorically, but we all know what he means.

This is what passes for Republican political arguments these days. “Do what we say or we’ll kill you.”

but the problem is, do all the “silent majority” vote?

Technically, in the OT the “good guys” did not “impose religion” but did tear down idols; whether that prevented them from following their religion is in question

It took them 922 pages just to say Fourteen Words.

For those who don’t wish to trawl through the entire 922 pages but want a good summary of what Project 2025 is about, here’s the best link I can find. Democracy Docket is a solid source.

I think it’s important to point out that the most controversial and impactful decisions made by the SCOTUS this term all advance stated objectives of Project 2025:

Immunity ruling: Shields presidents from prosecution under many circumstances and increases their power in pursuit of their Unitary Executive theory;

Snyder, the ruling on gratuities: Allows kickbacks for state officials after they accomplish some ask by a grateful entity. Just be sure to pay the bribe after the action and not before, and make sure you call it a “gratuity.” This ruling increases opportunities for corruption and manipulation of state governments without penalty and makes it much easier for monied interests to accomplish their objectives at the state level. Goes hand-in-hand with the Chevron decision outlined below.

The Chevron decision rolls back regulatory protections for Americans in a big way. It removes regulatory agencies, together with their expertise, from being the final arbiters of best practices in their industries and places that power in the courts. This goes far toward accomplishing the stated Project 2025 objective of getting rid of regulation over affected companies and industries. Like fossil fuels.

Make sure you understand that the so-called “conservative” justices on the SCOTUS are all in and part of the implementation of Project 2025. It is already well underway.