Do you agree with it or not?

Some people say it benefits economies, others say it is a degrading, but surely someone has to do it.

What is your opinion on prostitution?

Personally I don’t know what to think.

Consenting adults should have the right to do whatever they want with their bodies, including renting space in their anatomy for penetration.

I have no problem with it, as long as everybody involved are consenting adults.

It appears they don’t care about call girls or escort services. The police apparently want to limit more visible street-walkers. Seeing how strung out they look strutting through Chinatown, this is not necessarily a bad thing.

I’m all for it. There should be a licensing procedure and regular health tests and such, but it’s one of the many things that I think should be legalized as soon as possible.

My opinion, based on studies, is that legalised prostitution increases the amount of illegal prostitution, and thus increases the number of people who will be raped, beaten, and pimped out.

My opinion, as not based on studies, is that so long as the majority of people view sex as something emotional rather than just something that feels good, is that the profession will be run and patronized by predators. If you fix it so that people don’t prostitution is good, then go for it, but previous to then and very little good should be envisioned.

Prostitution should be not only legal, but socially respectable.

“people don’t prostitution is good” -> “people think prostitution is good”

And BrainGlutton, that may be true, but it’s not worth legalising it till you’ve changed the world’s view on sex. Having a bunch of ugly, down-on-their luck, drugged out “legal” prostitutes on the streets isn’t going to bring that about. It will only hurt it.

But, their degraded condition stems at least partly from the illegality of their work.

Except that legalising it increases the amount of illegal prostitutes. Every single country that has legalised prostitution had an increase in illegal prostitution. And every country that has illegalised it has had a decrease.

Nearly everything negative about prostitution would be gone if it were legal and regulated. In the situation we have now, the hookers are exploited by pimps, who bribe police and beat up the girls. If women could be independant contractors, legally, wouldn’t need pimps, and they could keep most of their fees in their own pockets, instead of giving half to the pimps.

I thought that their choice of profession was due to their degraded condition (which prevents them from holding a better paying, steady job)? In other words, I thought it was the other way around…

I have a low opinion of prostitution but I believe it should be legal.


How about some cites to back that up.

BrainGlutton said that their degraded situation stems, in part, from the illegality of prostitution, and he’s right. One of the reasons prostitutes are easy to abuse is because they’re engaging in an illegal activitiy. Hurt a prostitute and she might not go to the authorities because she might risk being arrested. What recourse does she have?


Prostitution already is legal, when you get right down to it; what’s illegal it being honest about it. Women get gifts before sex all the time; they marry men for the money all the time. What’s illegal is not going through the motions.

And no, I’m not saying that every woman who gets earrings from her boyfriend or dinner from a stranger and goes to bed with them is motivated by profit. I’m saying some are, and they are not punished because they are being dishonest. Which brings the problem that actually stopping prostitution would require instituting some kind of sharia-style crackdown on all male/female relations, since there’s no way to tell for sure, especially for a third party.

And yes, I do think it should be legal for the simple reason that it’s not anyone’s business why 2 or more consenting adults have sex.

Here’s my previous one:

Until the prosititutes get taxed on that income (there goes 25%).

Until the prostitutes get unionised, and the unions keep 15%…

There would still be unregistered, unlisenced hookers. Those who don’t feel like forking over the liscence fee, and those who can’t (because of being a felon, or having a warrant out for them, and those who failed the medical checks, for example), will still try to engage in making the money this way.

What constitutes legal and illegal? Having a permit? There’s a whole other debate there. It seems to me the implementation is flawed when people have to put up money to get licensed. Why not just tax their earnings?

victimless crime- to think that those who can’t otherwise get sex, or even chose not to, should be denied it, let alone punished for it, is asinine. It’s win win for both, and if regulated can be done so as to not “bring down property values”, etc.