Puppy crate training


What a cute widdle fuzzball!

Glad the clock helped. “They” say it sounds like the heartbeat of other puppies and fools him into thinking his littermates are nearby.

Tooooooooo Cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!! I Love Him.

There is also a product out there whose name escapeas me (I think its LovePuppy or something like that) which is a toy that you insert a hot water bottle into, and it plays a recording of a heartbeat.

I give you this simply as reference for if you ever get a puppy taken away from its mother too early. It’s supposed to be extremely comforting for them.

Thanks. I will keep that in mind. It reminds me of something that a friend had for her baby, actually.

Good news, by the way. I have a possible home for him, with a woman who is retired and can spend all sorts of time with him! She has owned a shepherd mix before, so she knows more or less what she is getting into. We will visit her tomorrow and see if she likes him.

WhyNot and The Chao Goes Mu, he is pretty adorable isn’t he? Which is lucky for him, especially when he gets into “shark attack” mode, going after ankles like Pacman on steroids. (He knows better, but can’t help himself sometimes.)

He’s very precocious, stealing tennis balls away from my other dogs (who weigh in at 55 and 80 pounds and could eat him in one bite) and dashing across the yard to hide them.

He’s very sweet. Good luck with him. :slight_smile:

Tee hee, that’s what I tell my one year old Shepherd mix. She has to be cute so I don’t kill her. :wink: She’s too smart for *my * good. When we brought her home she was a mere 10 lbs and would steal whatever toy from her big brother (65 lbs) he would just sigh and let her have it. Shepherds are such smart dogs and with the right training are so damn obedient. She does love to please.

I wanted to post a picture of her but yahoo photos is giving me fits. :mad:
It’s awesome that you’re fostering him. With the love and care he’s getting now he’ll make a great buddy for someone to adopt.

If you do get it to cooperate, I would love to see her!