Putin vows to destroy Saudi Arabia

It’s an old feud.

Are you guys sure they didn’t have an accident (fire) in their major oil refinery? Time to call Jack.

The fact that several hundred terrorist attacks occur in Russia every year has nothing whatsoever to do with the rebels in Syria. You should be focusing on the rebels in Chechnya and the North Caucus in general.

Given the similarities in the desires of the people of these regions in Syria and Russia, given the government’s brutal response, and given the jihadist consequences, maybe Putin should instead say that brutal repression of people seeking freedom from an oppressive regime is supportive of Islamic terrorism.

There are more than 1000 Chechen Jihadist fighting for Al-Qaeda groups in Syria, the leader of ISIS is Chechen. As well as Jihadist from the wider Caucasus fighting in Syria. Who according to their own statement, are using the Syrian as training ground for the next war against Russia (The Chechen Jihadists fighting in Syria). Which is exactly what the Russians warned against all along. We were nuts to support the “rebels.” The West by its support was merely creating a terror breeding ground and enabling terrorists who will one day return to do harm in Russia (and the West).

Nonsense. It is only after the brutal suppression (carried out by a Chechen) of Chechen terrorists that there has come a modicum of calm in the region. There is no negotiation with those kind of Islamists. Only their total destruction is helpful.

If only there were some sort of final solution to the Islamist problem, eh, mate?

You think you are some kind of clever with little Nazi thingmabobs, or that I have a problem with going Nazi on their sorry asses? Put the lot in front of a firing squad and it’d be a good day. Give them one neck and it’d be so much easier to cut. However there is a final solution to Islamists. It’s called education and feminism.

That’s funny - she doesn’t look Chechen.

Should they build gas chambers for the job?

Cute. Don’t worry though, you made it pretty clear you were pro-totalitarian with your comment:

You really did buy the article when you read it, didn’t you?

So 20+ years of brutal oppression in the North Caucus leads to the ascendancy of international Jihadists in this region. They then take advantage of the chaos caused by a brutal government to give themselves a new haven for recruitment and training. Sounds like the rebels did not cause these people, it sounds like these people took advantage of the rebels.

You want the West to sit on its hands as a strategy to prevent what was readily occurred while the West sat on its hands.

You somehow think Western support prevented the Assad regime from quickly bringing an end to the conflict despite the fact that Western support has been minimal and the strongest days for the rebels was before any real support came from the West.

If your approach were successful, then Assad would be victorious. This is regarded as desirable, yet it’s Assad’s regime that led to the problem in the first place. I don’t think that makes much sense. It’s not worth considering anyway because your approach will not be successful. A lack of Western involvement is not what is giving the rebels the resources they need to continue fighting. They have support regardless of the West’s involvement.

So we’re left with rebels, Assad, chaos and a stronger al-Qaeda. This is the state without much in the way of Western involvement. I happen to agree with Putin that ISIS will eventually start to export terrorism to other nations. It technically already has by using the national border between Iraq and Syria to promote its ends in both countries. I also agree with you that the only way to stop al-Qaeda is to brutally suppress it. You pointed out that…

Iraqis are the most effective in fighting al-Qaeda in Iraq. Chechens are most effective in fighting jihadists (I’m not sure if they are al-Qaeda affiliated or not) in Chechnya, and it’s pretty clear that Syrians, specifically Syrian Kurds and rebels, are most effective at fighting al-Qaeda in Syria. So its obvious what we should be doing if we want to prevent the strengthening of international terrorist organizations in Syria. Sitting on our hands leads to the current state of affairs; only supporting the rebels will lead to the effective defeat of al-Qaeda in Syria.

Saudis offer Russia secret oil deal- The Telegraph

Enjoy your childish dream world where your leaders care for you like mummy and daddy did, I’ll keep living in “loony CT land”.


I suppose those kids they murdered at Beslan were worth it (or did they deserve it for being Russian?), a small price to pay for freedom and democracy for the Chechen heros who slashed their throats and blew them up. After all Russia is really nasty isn’t it? We should help them organise some more pro democracy protests like at Beslan by funding them and setting them up in London and Washington shouldn’t we? Oh, we already have.