Question about Gillette razor refills

Yesterday, I bought refills for my Mach 3 for the first time in three or four years. My last four-pack lasted that long, and I shave probably six times a week. I’m 45 years old, and I don’t think I have an especially light beard or anything, the blades just seem tolerable for months each.

Ah, yes – that’s another useful datum: Y’know the color strip on some refills that’s supposed to tell you when it’s time to change? Bogus. The time to change is when it stops shaving smoothly, whatever color the strip has turned or not turned.

I use the vibrating Mach 3 (M3?), but I buy the original Mach 3 blades because they’re much cheaper.

Any bets on when Schick bites the dust? Their 3- and 4-blade attempts have been awful. I’ve gotten their free razors in the mail, and tried them out. Felt like I was shaving my head with a potato peeler! I went right back to my Mach 3.

Months! :eek:

Back when I used Mach 3’s I switched them out after a week or two because they weren’t as smooth as new.

just tried the powered Schick Quatro razor.

That was weird. Like rubbing a sharp back massager around my face.

Has anyone seen one of those late night commercials either on Comedy Central or Sci-Fi Channel where there is a blade for like $15 that doesn’t need to be replaced. It’s a vibrating blade and it’s made out of titantium or something. Ugh, I wish I was more awake to remember.

My bogosity alarm started honking at “doesn’t need to be replaced.”
There is a whole flock of pocketknives with blades coated with titanium, for appearance, mostly. I’ve never seen one where the actual blade was titanium. It’s possible, I suppose, but would that give you a forever edge? I don’t think so.

I’m not a metallurgist, just a knife collector.

Lifetime warranty. Free replacements. You only pay shipping and handling. How can you possibly go wrong, even if it doesn’t really work?

That’s because you didn’t use the recommended shave cream. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to agree with this. When my wife and I split up at the beginning of October, I found myself temporarily without a razor, so I went to the store and bought one. It came with one blade. I’m still using that blade!!! I was going to buy some more at the store the other day but they were out of them, so I figured I can get another week out of it and it’s still working just fine.

I got sent a Fusion in the mail for some reason, now this thread is making me want to go shave just to try it out.

Let me guess - you got the big screen TV, she got the razor?

No, but she got the house, which was where I kept my old razor :eek: