Quick Change for Landscape to Portrait Mode?

Just wanted to thank Exapno Mapcase for posting this. My dad had an auto-rotating screen for his HP desktop a few years back, and yesterday I finally got a stand from NewEgg that would allow me to pivot. But I’ve just been manually going to the Windows 7 Display control panel to change it. I have an nVidia GeForce card as well… I was using a macro system to create an actual Macro, but then I wondered if DisplayFusion Pro will let me do something like the Intel graphics driver shortcut. We shall see!

ETA: I’ve wanted a portrait-capable display mount for years because it’s so much handier to read web pages and especially PDF files on a 1920x1080 display in portrait mode, rather than landscape. And MAN! You really don’t get a sense of how big a 1080p monitor is from side to side until you rotate it! Even a simple 21.5" monitor is enormous when you portrait-ize it! SO MUCH ROOM FOR PAGES! BWA-HAHAHAHAHA… etc.

Yeah I think your going to need a program for that. My covertible tablet laptop has a program called display rotation that does that. It also ties in to a button on the front. I don’t think you can do what you need without a special program :frowning: