Quirks, ironies, eccentricities of famous people.

I forget who, but some great thinker treated his wife as a prisoner, chaining her to the bed (with like a 30 ft chain so she could walk the room). I forget who though.

Steven Spielberg, the famous Director and creative consultant for Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure will ride the Jurassic Park ride but refuses to go down the drop. So if he goes on it with his kids and their friends (who he brings frequently to the park) the ride would be E-stopped (which means everything shuts down and has to be restarted) and then he gets off and is escorted through catwalks to the bottom of the fall. After the boat comes down he will hop back on, or meet them at the end.

The mathematician who studied fractals (I think) studied them in hopes of studying a field of math which would not aid governments in war, ironically, fractals are the basis for guided missile technology and the computers reading terrain.

Well, this is kind of well known, but Johnny Cash always wore all black when performing.

Spielberg also was refused admission to USC but now sits on the USC School of Cinema-Television’s Board of Councilors.

Just posting more as I find them (surfing IMDB)

Jim Carrey portrayed Andy Kaufman in Man in the Moon - who he also shares a birthday with.