Quoting the Post RIGHT BEFORE YOURS in its Entirety: Thanks!

Ya know, I REALLY like quotes.

How long did you work on that post?

yeah, that’s almost beautiful!

It only took about 5 minutes - I just popped open a new tab for each reply button, and then did some cutting and pasting.

Eh, you did it the hard way.

Hey, that’s a really good idea! If everyone does that, you only have to read the most recent post instead of the entire thread!

If you think the above is serious, please recalibrate your sarcasm-meter on this sentence.

Heh, blowero said

Dear amsodernteRtL, (how’s that for ‘random’?)

Please spend a little more time, next time, and get the spelling of my username right both times, instead of only one time.

I mean, really!

How difficult is it to cut and paste another Doper’s username correctly?

gluteus maximus, aren’t you being a bit of an ass over a typo?
[sub]I kid, I kid… please stop with the hitting, and the tomato throwing, and the ouchies…[/sub]
Seriously, though, where the hell did gluterious come from? That goes a skosh beyond the realm of typo, dunnit?

Sounds like the name of a gladiator in a Monty Python sketch.

If you want to make it clear who you are addressing, simply include their name at the start of your first sentence. Quoting their entire speech is really not necessary. Really.

Who in the hell are you talking to. Anyhow?

There’s no happy medium, I tell ya. What drives me up the wall are the posters who’ll say “I totally agree with So and So” without quoting, and since I can’t remember what So and So said I end up scrolling back 3 pages hunting for it only to find that So and So made some short comment so nondescript that it’s no wonder it didn’t register the first time I read it.

Arrgh. Quote when you need to, don’t quote when you don’t need to. How hard is it to tell the difference?

I just want to say that I am in total agreement with what Talking penis said.

Oh, and Skeezix… no, not at all.

I was being anal.

I bow to the superior wit. Had I been drinking at just that moment, I’d have had to make yet another of those ruined my monitor/keyboard posts.

I shall assay to nevermore over-analyze the content of your postings.
[sub]As it is, I for really and truley sprayed about nine or ten little dots of saliva on my monitor. But that wipes off a lot easier than soda.[/sub]