Random Star Trek Quotes

Grab him. He’s the impostor.

Sometimes diplomacy requires a little sabre rattling.

That doesn’t mean we have to behave like children and listen to some fool lecture by a diplomat.

Uh, wait, is this… is this not the Cerritos?

PICARD: Captain, do you know what year this is?
BATESON: Of course I do. It’s twenty two seventy eight.

That’s a matter of opinion.

I would not presume to debate you.

LANDRU: But there is evil.
KIRK: Then the evil must be destroyed. That is the Prime Directive. And you are the evil.

Shut up and let me think!

This is the Alhambra. Did you get on the wrong ship?

That ship from the past is not supposed to be here. It’s got to go back.

I need you to tell me that your senior officers are infallible heroes!

You Must Not Kneel To Me. I Do Not Deserve It.

We all joined Starfleet to dive first into the unknown. We’re explorers, of course we don’t always know what’s going on. Did Picard know about the Borg? Did Kirk know about that giant Spock on Phylos? Did Dr. Crusher know about that ghost in the lamp thing from the Scottish planet that she hooked up with that one time? That whole thing. You clearly want us to say that the Captain and her crew messed up, but we simply don’t have the full story, and that’s the truth! Whatever they did, I guarantee you it was all for good. You have shown no evidence that they’re guilty of a crime. In fact, I find you guilty of trying to take them down with this sham of a trial! Drumhead!


I challenge you all to a duel! Pick your weapons. I pick… the mind.

I know the bullets are unreal, therefore they cannot harm me.

Engaging thrusters.

Oh, Picard. He’s no fun - he’s always quoting Shakespeare, he’s always making wine…

The redoubtable Commander Riker, whom I noticed before. You seem to find this all very amusing.