Rastahomie Loses YET ANOTHER Job

Yup. Happened today. My company lost the contract that was keeping me employed.

On the plus side, I get to draw unemployment this time, so the hit shouldn’t be too hard financially. Aditionally The Boss said he’d be on the lookout for a job for me. Then, The Boss’s Boss asked if the Human Resources Dude had my résumé on file, as she fully expected him to make some phone calls for me. I don’t know if all this is just so much professional lip service, or if they’re telling the truth, but either way it softened the blow.

And, this wasn’t that great a job to begin with, so now I’m free to look for a better one.

All in all, I’m not nearly as bummed as I thought I’d be.

But I still ask for your prayers and positive vibes.

Thanks, kids. I’m glad to have you as my cyber-family.

Bummer about losing the job. The positive is that they thought well enough of you to at least promise to recommend you. IMO that means you will be out of the unemployment line and back to being gainfully employed in no time.

I will keep you in my prayers so that we can speed up the process.

I used to have one of those contract jobs. A national ISP contracted their technical support out to a qualified call center, which I worked for. So there was that lingering fear that our jobs would be non-existant should the ISP choose not to renew the contract. Anyway, long story short, I quit before any of that drama began; the job sucked.


Believe me, dude. I think know the feeling.