Razer just introduced the Blade: Perhaps the best gaming laptop ever (and yes, it is expensive)

Like the CPU’s GPU’s are throttled to reduce heat generation and power consumption. If you look carefully at any “high performance” laptop they are using the “mobile” versions of the processors/GPU chipsets.

Admittedly, I tend to have a far more pragmatic view of computer hardware being someone who does system builds for a living.

“Looks cool” doesn’t get much traction with me because I can load a “cool” case with crap parts and many a consumer would have no clue.

For my money, I’m looking at the Asus G74SX. Better graphics card, more RAM, same display, similar processor and it’s only 1700.


Looks sexy, but add me to the list that doesn’t “get” gaming laptops. Of course, I’m also not much of a PC gamer anymore, anyhow, so I’m biased from the start. My old netbook runs Age of Empires II just fine, and that’s the most recent PC game I play on a regular basis…

I agree a “gaming” laptop is an odd duck. If you want a good gaming rig then get a desktop. Will cost less and perform better.

That said if you are an avid gamer and must travel a lot then a gaming laptop might be the thing for you.

As mentioned above the GPU in this rig ran most games in benchmark tests at 40-50 FPS with the games on “high” settings (and included games like Crysis). The GPU choked when settings were at “ultra”. That is pretty good for a laptop and easily adequate for a good gaming experience.

Some games like Civilization V would be good gaming on a powerful laptop while on a plane.

Can you get a more powerful laptop than this one? Sure. It’ll be a monster laptop though. Some say this would not be a problem for them, for others it would be a concern. To each their own. As a person who used to tote around a brick of a laptop (good laptop but big and heavy) I can say it wears on you. If you have to do more than carry it to the car, carry it to the hotel room. That is no big deal. If you have to lug it lots of places on your shoulder it can be a problem (to the point I got a pinched nerve in my neck…painful).

To be fair when I was doing that was back when all laptops were pretty large and heavy and before the slimmer laptops were on market.

Here’s the keyboard, by the way.

I could find no specs on the link you provided as to battery life. From what I remember about Alienware laptops back in the day before they were bought out by Dell, though, “atrocious” was putting it mildly. 2 hours with the brightness all the way down with no use of the optical drive.


That’s my current laptop. Like I said, I run Age of Kings on it, but I imagine it can go a little higher up the food chain. Sims 2 and 3, which I never got into all that much. Minecraft I suspect would work.

Yet I wonder, with increasingly larger internet bandwidths and greater wifi omnipresence, whether more and more game processing will be done on the developer’s servers, with the laptop just being an elegant gaming “client,” if you will…