Re-edit a well-known song

Remove the guitar solo from “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” It sounds like the toy guitar you give the child of people you don’t like.

Trying to remember the Ed Sheeran song (if someone can help me out, here) that could definitely use snippets mixed in from Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music.

I would take out the ending of two or three Chicago songs. An example is Hard to Say I’m Sorry. It’s the part that has “When we get there gonna jump in the air”. They do something similar in other songs.

Huh? Oh, Twisted Sister! I was thinking The Who (Woodstock anniversary and all that.)

Anyway…my 8-year-old son observed this morning that Led Zeppelin’s “Rain Song” could do without that verse with no words, just bad keyboards-sounding-like-strings from John Paul Jones.

I would go to the soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto 5 and replace “Hollywood” with “Vinewood” and “California” with “San Andreas” in all of the songs.

I’d replace pretty well the whole Nickleback catalogue with a basic void, but other than that, in Led Zep’s “Four Sticks”, when I first heard that abrasive buzz sound I thought yuck let’s do a songdectomy on that gunk*, but then came to totally appreciate it, especially how it fades out at the end of that passage, but then, found that the song, itself, could have gone on another verse/refrain/whatever, especially (and brace yourself) get the “Stairway” flautist to do some Ian MacDonald/Anderson-like solo thing, somewhere in the extended part, that I’m sure could searingly fly over what was arguably the heaviest number that band ever did. Tough to pull the feet feat off, I’d imagine, in such a murky, tuned-down megalodon of a song.

*Yes, I’m afraid that’s a reference to the gross, sometimes pustulating rashes seen most often on the faces and legs of major-junior hockey players.
(Sorry to have to share that with you.)