Reacher - the full-sized version is a vast improvement

The new TV show Reacher came out on Amazon yesterday. My wife and I binged 5 eps yesterday. I’m a longtime fan of the books, and I found it quite enjoyable. Haven’t read Killing Floor in some time, but much of it captures the books quite well. Certainly better than the films w/ mini-Reacher.

Some of the best choreographed fight scenes I’ve ever seen - especially the one in the prison bathroom.

Anyone else enjoying this? I’m going to be sad when I finish the last 3 tonight.

we binged the entire season last nite - first time in a long time we’ve done that.

We enjoyed it quite well.

Really enjoying it so far.

At least he’s the right size, but rather muscle-bound. People that developed don’t usually move as fast as he’s portrayed as doing unless they have martial arts training. Otherwise, it seems like an okay series. I enjoyed some of the books, but don’t remember much about them.

Reacher has always been such a ridiculous character that translating to screen shouldn’t be terribly easy. But this one is kind of leaning into the ridiculousness, rather than trying to explain everything perfectly logically. More like a superhero movie than a procedural. And I think it works so far.

So far (halfway through the season) I think Ritchson is doing a surprisingly good job as Reacher. He’s not quite as tall as the character is in the books, but they’re filming in a way to make him bigger and it’s working. The only thing I don’t like about him is that the actor is cut like a bodybuilder, which doesn’t fit a drifter who wouldn’t be able to hit a gym for the several hours a day it takes to maintain that kind of definition (Reacher in the books is huge and strong, but I don’t ever recall any description of him like a bodybuilder). But I get that it’s hard enough to find a good actor who’s anywhere close to the description of the book character, so I don’t mind too much.

Definition comes from low bodyfat. Reacher does a lot of walking and doesn’t eat that much. (That we see)
It would be much harder to maintain mass under those conditions.

The actor has absolutely nailed the persona.

We watched the first two last night and enjoyed them. To be honest he’s not a great actor, some of his reaction shots are awful, but in general he still carries the scenes. They did a great job casting Roscoe.

How do you eat like that much and stay in that shape?

‘Like this’.

He"s okay as reacher, and I like the series, but he doesn’t quite seem bright enough

Binged the whole thing, loved it. But I also thought the Tom Cruise movies were really good too.

Bring on a second season!

That’s the thing. Both his Reacher and Mission:Impossible movies could stand on their own. The problem is they tried to capitalize on the titles while ignoring the original material.

I’m halfway through the series now. "Officer Arthur Bailey " from Blood Drive was an interesting choice for Reacher, certainly one that never crossed my mind. I’m enjoying the show so far, finding it closer to the books than the movie was. I do have a few nits to pick, though.

He smirks too much. I never saw Reacher as a smirker. The actor isn’t really making me believe he has - what was it, 16 years? - experience as a top-notch MP. He says the lines, but I’m not feeling it. I’m not gonna let it put me off the show, though. I’ve watched worse.

Neagley. Neagley was under him in the Army. I don’t recall her becoming a PI in the books, but I liked that as a way to bring her in more as needed, and giving her more freedom than if she was still in the army. My issue here is that I don’t recall book Neagley behaving like TV show Neagley. She was kind of like a female Reacher. . .and why cast a Danish actress with a shifting accent? Don’t know why they gave her that name if she’s nothing at all like the character. I’ll try to let it go and just accept her as a new character. This one is weird to me, though.

I’ll end this on a positive note: I like the actress portraying “Roscoe,” and while “southern asshole” isn’t my favorite role for him, it’s always good to see Bruce “D-Day” McGill again.

I’m enjoying it, but what it feels like is: Reacher — Starring David Puddy as Sherlock Holmes.
(David Puddy = Patrick Warburton character on Seinfeld)

I’d like to watch this, but it appears it’s only available (for now) if you subscribe to Amazon Prime.

Is that correct?

Wow, the last episode was almost the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. But still fun. They didn’t try to pretend it was anything but what it was.

I have not finished watching the first episode yet. I had been enjoying it until they got to prison. I was not a fan of the ‘welcoming committee’ that showed up for the banker. I thought the prison rape crap was done with a few years ago.

By the way, what the hell was so bad about Finlay’s taste in music? Kansas, .38 Special, Hall & Oates? That’s good stuff!

In one of the stories, Reacher takes a job digging ditches or swimming pools or something, and it is mentioned that all the strenuous manual labour did wonders for his physique. Of course, that is not something he does 100% of the time.

Coming from a perspective having no familiarity with the books at all, I think you’re right on with the bolded.

Thinking too much about the underlying logic just gets in the way of appreciating Reacher’s convention-bending bluntness, physicality, and fighting prowess – where the conventions being bent are those of the police procedural, less so of the superhero film.

Alan Ritchson’s Reacher is sending me something of a They Live’s Roddy Piper vibe. Reacher is not as much of a hokey wise-ass, but he seems to consistently lack bubble gum.