realtors, sorry, "Realtors"

You’re assuming that everyone uses spellcheckers. I certainly don’t, can’t stand them.

Probably because none of them are trademarks. You can’t use Xerox as xerox for the same reason-- it’s a brand name. Doesn’t mean that you can’t do whatever you want in your personal use, but a style standard is a style standard, and trademarks are respected.

Dumpster is the same way. Capitalized.

You are missing the point. Not all real estate agents are Realtors. Only those who have passed the National Association of Realtors qualifications are allowed to use the term, which the NAR has registered as a trademark and is therefore properly capped. The generic, lowercased equivalent is “real estate agent.”

If the Funeral Directors Association (made-up group) registered the term “Bodystuffer” as a trademark and allowed only its qualified members to use the term (capitalized), that would be a parallel situation. But no one is capping “undertaker” because it is a generic term.

I’m reminded of the person who wrote in to Ann Landers all indignant about the constant capping of AIDS in the media. “What’s so important about AIDS that it has to be all caps? You don’t read about someone having CANCER.”