Recommend a good but obscure funk track

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But seriously, if it’s funk, it’s good. :cool:

Thanks for all the suggestions. I will have to do some digging.

I find I prefer the earlier funk, and I’m not that much into pfunk. I think I prefer my funk to avoid synths, and stick with a good fat bass line and a decent horn section
Recently I’ve been enjoying a bit of New Orleans stuff, which seems to have its own upbeat flavour. The number of subgenres within funk is all a bit confusing.

Nice to see that there are still a few funk fans kicking around the dope.

That sound as if you may like Bra by Cymande and Scorpio by Dennis Coffey and the Detroit Guitar Band.

Prince, Ripopgodazippa.Prince is funky to his bones - he can’t help but be funky!

Prince, Musicology.

One of my favourite Prince songs, The Everlasting Now.

Also, The Groove by Rodney Franklin.

Meet the one and only Eddie BO

May he rest in peace

And from a little later period. Chocolate Milk as mentioned in the list above

Cheers and enjoy


Am listening to Eddie Bo right this second as it happens :slight_smile:

How about an obscure song by a well-known artist? James Brown’s Talking Loud and Saying Nothing is nine minutes of unapologetic funk:

Nice isn’t it? :slight_smile:



ETA Do you know about Donny Hathaway?

Try this

Actually this version is superior IMHO



The Brothers Johnson Get the Funk Outta My Face

Never fails to cure what ails me.

Onuma Singsiri - Mae Kha Som Tum

Lydia Pense and Cold Blood: Down to the Bone

Alright, I’ve stood by long enough! I had to make one of these videos, but I can pretty much guarantee that nearly everything on my list qualifies as both “obscure” and “good” (the funkiness goes without saying; I mean, it’s me posting this, after all)…

Anthony Burns - Doing What You Need To Do

Classic Funk - Hard Times

Communicators & Black Experience Band - The Road

Donnie Brown - Funky Mind

Dynamite Singletary - Super Good

Freddi Henchi & the Soulsetters - I Want to Dance, Dance, Dance

Freddi Henchi & the Soulsetters - Funky To The Bone

Freddi Henchi & the Soulsetters - I Like Funky Music

*** SRSLY, you can’t really go wrong with Freddi Henchi & the Soulsetters! ***

Funky Music Machine - Gotta Clean Up The World (NOTE: some people know this band as Tyrone Ashley’s Funky Music Machine)

Gamith - Darkness

Kalyanji Anadji - Somebody To Love

Mehrpooya - Ghabileh-ye Lily

St. Vincent’s Supersound Latinaires Orchestra - Roasted Or Fried

Sundia - Stand Up & Be A Man (Part 1)

Sundia - Stand Up & Be A Man (Part 2)

Thomas East - Sister Funk

Timothy McNealy - Funky Movement No. 2

Wally Coco - Message To Society

Lee Fields - She’s A Lovemaker

Lee Fields - The Bull Is Coming

*** With the exception of his album Treacherous, you cannot go wrong with Lee Fields ***

Lettuce - Madison Square

Lettuce - Lettsanity

Lettuce - The Last Suppit

*** It is impossible to waste your money by buying a Lettuce album! ***

Snowboarder Bo - once again, the breadth of your musical exposure adds to the Dope’s value. Now I gotta find time to give a few of these a listen…

Great post Bo!! That’s exactly the sort of “who the hell…?” level of obscurity I was after. Only listened to the first half so far, but looking forward to the rest.
I feel I need to contribute a few tracks of my own in gratitude, so here are a few that I’m really into at the moment…
Barbara howard - I don’t want your love

Highlighters band - Funky 16 corners

Dennis Lee & the Notables - Funky Penguin

Marva Whitney - Things got to get better

Martha Reeves and the Vandellas - Easily Persuaded

Gloria Williams - Sister Funk
If you like this stuff, here’s another shameless plug for my soundcloud

Presenting Sadistic Mika Band -
Suki Suki Suki
Silver Child
Funkee Mahjong
Black Ship (Kurofune/黒船)
What, you didn’t know that Japan could give up the funk? Check it out. Seriously.