Recommend a password manager please

I mean having different sets of passwords with separate master passwords, that can be backed up independently.

LastPass sounds pretty good. I’ve been using PieceOfPaperHiddenInMyDesk, but that’s probably not as secure.

I’m trying Lastpass right now. I went to change my password for the dope and it decided my email address was my login and saved it that way. When I logged out & tried to log back in it kept autofilling my email address in the login portion, and every time I’d delete that and change it to my login, it’d autofill again. Burned through 4 of my 5 attempts before getting it right. Hopefully I fixed it now.

In that case LastPass is probably not for you. Although you can backup the database (using LastPass Pocket), the concept (indeed the name) comes from the “last password” you’ll ever need; there is only one master password for your entire database. It would probably be possible to create two different accounts with different master passwords, but then you’d be paying twice if you wanted premium features for both.

As far as the functionality of the add-on, I’ve used it in both Firefox and Chrome, and don’t see how it could be easier. There might be a couple of settings you’d want to tweak, but it really is dead simple.

Your check is in the mail. Thanks.

After being away for a 10 or 15 minutes I clicked on the dope only to have to log in again. First attempt wrong autofill again and back to 1 of 5 attempts. Second time I had to carefully select my log in from a drop down, then carefully select my password from a drop down, then hope it works.

Sheesh, Chrome never makes me do that. Pain so far.

I just use the one in Firefox.

Ah you’re right, I want more control over my databases.

Does anyone have an opinion on Apple Keychain as a password manager?

I use 1Password. Rather than a subscription model, it is just a regular, old-fashioned, paid app ($35; 30-day free trial). Plugins for all the major browsers. Support for multiple databases. You can save your database(s) to Dropbox for easy access/syncing from multiple devices. It also has features for saving product license keys and secure notes. I like it.

I’ll second 1Password. It may cost a little but it is worth it. If you are an Apple fan, it works seamlessly with iCloud to keep all your passwords synced across all your devices. Worth every penny.

I do use it on OSX/iOS, but have had the data in Dropbox since before it worked with iCloud. Keep thinking about migrating, but haven’t had the time.

But they also have Windows and Android versions of everything now, which presumably only work with Dropbox syncing.

To follow up my previous post: is there any reason for me to use a software/plugin and NOT the built-in Firefox password manager if I only have one or two important passwords that AREN’T used on the Web?

Any opinions of Password Box??

I discovered KeePass at years ago. They have tons of great open source apps to put on your thumb drive or phone.

I fully agree with drewtwo99. I’ve been using LastPass for some time now, synced across Chrome browsers, mobile phones and tablets, and it’s been great.

I’d also recommend 2-step verification for most of your sensitive accounts, if not all of them that have it available. This way, even if your password is compromised, they’d still need the verification number in order to gain access, which is totally controlled on your end. Take a look at Google Authenticator.

Does LastPass still store your passwords on their servers? They got hacked in 2011. I don’t know if the encryption was ever broken or any damage done.

Your encrypted data is on their end. With a good master password and 2-step verification, it would be difficult to get to, especially since the latter is generated locally.

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I would recommend using KeePass and not the browser. There’s always a chance that a bug will pop up in one of your browsers that will give a script access to your list of passwords. This is possible in KeePass, too, but since it’s a less complex application and doesn’t change as much is less likely. (If you are really paranoid you can set up KeePass to require your approval for every PW request your browser makes. This makes it even less likely that a bug releases your PWs.)

Go the the Lastpass site,look for the straight dope site. Click the pencil, this lets you edit the information. Make sure the box with your username and the password is correct. If not correct the information and save it. You also need to make sure the site is only saved once with the correct info. If it listed twice delete the incorrect duplicate.