Recommend some good musical biopics?

For no particular reason, I’m going to rank my top ten among actual (not ersatz) biopics we’ve listed:

  1. Amadeus
  2. Coal Miner’s Daughter
  3. The Buddy Holly Story
  4. Great Balls of Fire (Not to be taken too seriously. The over the top performance by Dennis Quaid is hilarious.)
  5. Walk the Line
  6. La Bamba
  7. Control
  8. Elvis
  9. Sid and Nancy
  10. Ray

Those are all very good and very much worth watching.

De-Lovely I did see a few years ago and enjoyed, along with Sid and Nancy. I’m putting a lot of these on in my queue. I had no idea John Carpenter did an Elvis movie!

Tout les matins du monde, a french film about the relationship between baroque composer Marin Marais and his teacher Monsieur de Sainte Colombe. Also, one of my favorite soundtrack CDs of all time.