Recommend some Halloween movies!

If you want over-the-top campy horror movies, this page gives a synopsis/review of quite a few. You really can’t go wrong with titles like “Satan’s Cheerleaders” or “Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter”.

I completely disagree. Gore, IMO, is a distraction. A little bit is fine, but I absolutely hate it when instead of tension and fear, you get close ups of people being hacked up. Look at movies like The Ring and The Orphanage and The Blair Witch Project - there’s some incredibly scary, edge-of-your-seat stuff going on in them, but very little (if any) gore.

Anyway, keep 'em coming, these are great!

I highly recommend the original William Castle/Vincent Price The House on Haunted Hill – spooky, with dripping blood, two severed heads, creepy house-keepers, and the Old Lady Ghost on Skates (or whatever she was on to make her roll). Not to mention the Acid Tank and the Skeleton).

I grew up on this film. MilliCal’s seen it. (I think she was disappointed when we went to the House of Seven Gables after watching one of the two (!) versions of the film with Vincent Price in it, and she was disappointed that there was no Acid Vat in the basement. But she was much younger then.)

I think this is a winner. Classic scarry movie of the full throttle creepy variety.

No matter what ever else you pick get Shaun of the Dead.

Do you remember the Wishmaster series? Get the first one if you can.

Tremors first 2

Sleepy Hollow the newer one.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Van Helsing

The newer Mummy series


Phantasm. I’d suggest getting the second one too if you can, but as far as I know it is not out on DVD.

Perhaps too gory, but still a classic: Hellraiser.

The Toolbox Murders. Have not seen the original (any good?) but the remake by Tobe Hooper is a good icky film.

“When A Stranger Calls,” 1978 or 9, with Carol Kane. Phone caller terrorizes a baby-sitter till…well, you know, the police trace the calls and they’re coming from inside the house. Suspense, not gore/slasher.

“Nightmare on Elm Street” for its surrealism.

“Race with the Devil,” again, suspense but not gore. Peter Fonda, Warren Oates, Loretta Swit, Lara Parker on an RV adventure inadvertantly witness a satanic human sacrifice late one night. For the rest of the movie, they’re chased, never sure who’s one of the satanists etc.

“Hocus Pocus” with Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy, SJP—fun flick.

Gore-as-camp: “An American Werewolf in London.”

ETA: I’ll second (third?) the Tim Burton version of “Sleepy Hollow.” Hey, it has Christopher Walken and Christina Ricci, Martin Landau…I can tolerate Depp.

Missed the edit window: Also, “Fright Night” w/Chris Sarandon, Roddy McDowell, William Ragsdale, Amanda Bearse. What’s a boy to do when a vampire moves in next door? :eek::confused::dubious::smack::frowning:

Just one entry…The Dorm That Dripped super crappy/campy movie with a young Clint Howard as the janitor unjustly blamed for co-ed murders

Another Vincent Price vehicle: The Tingler