Registration Agreement, Rules, and FAQ

Registration Agreement as of 1.16.18

The agreement below spells out the rules by which SDMB users are expected to abide. The purpose of the present revision is to add the language in bold regarding threats. This clarifies longstanding policy and is not a new rule.

We have one guiding principle: Don’t be a jerk.

Registration is required in order to post messages on the Straight Dope Message Board (“the SDMB”). Registration is free. We don’t request personal information other than your e-mail address (although you may include such information in your user profile if desired). Registrants are given the user title “guest” and are shown advertisements. If you do not wish to see advertisements, you may purchase an annual subscription. Subscribers are given the user title “member.” For more information about subscriptions, click on the “Subscribe” link in the menu bar at the top of most SDMB pages after you register. A subscription is required if you wish to post a picture in your user profile.

The following rules apply to all participants on the SDMB:

Considering the real-time nature of this bulletin board and the volume of messages received, it is impossible for us to verify the information posted. We do not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message, and are not responsible for the contents of any message. Users should be particularly wary of medical, legal or other professional advice posted on the message board and recognize that it is no substitute for in-person consultation with a competent professional. Messages express the views of their authors, not necessarily the views of the operator of the SDMB, namely Sun-Times Media, LLC (“STM”), or any entity associated with it.

You agree, through your use of this service, that you will not use the SDMB to post any material that you know or should know is false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, threatening, invasive of a person’s privacy, or in violation of U.S. law. You agree not to post material that in our opinion encourages activity that is illegal in the U.S. We reserve the right to revoke the posting privileges of persons misrepresenting themselves on the SDMB.

Minimum age for registration on the SDMB is 13 years. Registrants found to be younger than 13 will have their posting privileges revoked and forfeit any subscription fees. SDMB content is intended for mature audiences; parents or guardians paying subscription fees for children aged 13 through 17 are responsible for determining whether the SDMB is a suitable environment for their child.

You agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or by the operator of the SDMB, except as permitted by the “fair use” provisions of the U.S. copyright laws (in general this means brief excerpts only). You agree to abide by the wishes of the board moderators in interpreting and enforcing these rules. Refusal to cooperate with board moderators or to abide by these rules is grounds for revocation of your posting privileges.

This message board is intended as a medium for public discussion. Do not post spam, including but not limited to advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, solicitations, offers to trade or barter, charitable appeals, or other messages primarily intended to promote a cause, venture, organization, event (except Straight Dope-related events), website, or other entity or activity, whether or not money is involved. Do not post spam in your signature or send it via the SDMB’s “private message” feature. We allow exceptions for worthy causes (in our sole opinion) if you obtain prior permission from a moderator or administrator. We do not require prior approval for non-commercial gift exchanges, e.g., “secret Santa” exchanges. STM and its agents, including the administrators and moderators of the Straight Dope Message Board, make no representation that they have investigated or vetted charitable appeals, gift exchanges, and similar activities promoted on this board or groups or individuals associated with them. We do not vouch for, monitor, sponsor, endorse, or have any formal association with such activities. Proceed at your own risk.

Do not post the same or similar messages or threads to multiple forums; multiple threads on the same topic; or an excessive number of threads on any topic within a limited period of time. Do not start threads expressly for the purpose of meeting other posters for romantic or sexual purposes. We will notify the Internet service provider of any party posting objectionable messages.

You are free to express your views in a forceful manner provided you remain civil. Hate speech, insults, and purposely inflammatory remarks (i.e., trolling) will not be tolerated. Do not post threats or state or imply that any individual or group is deserving of harm. We recognize that this rule cannot be strictly applied in discussions of war, capital punishment and the like but urge users to express themselves in moderate terms nonetheless. If we tell you to refrain from behavior that we regard as uncivil, or that in our view detracts from productive discussion, do so or face revocation of your posting privileges.

Threats of any kind against the SDMB, Sun-Times Media or their affiliates, including without limitation SDMB posters, staff, advertisers or other entities, regardless of where and how expressed, are not permitted. Users making such threats are subject to banning without notice. This includes threats of legal action even if not directed specifically at the SDMB.

The board is not intended to furnish you with a forum for promoting your personal agenda. We reserve the right to ask you to limit postings on a particular topic, or to refrain from posting on such topics altogether. Please do not ask other members to do your homework or provide input for your article, paper, or other off-board project. We may waive this rule if you obtain prior permission from a moderator or administrator.

Do not post links to pornography - we will be the judge of what constitutes pornography. Links to nudity or other potentially shocking or offensive material are permissible only in the context of a mature discussion - gratuitous posting of such links is grounds for revocation of your posting privileges. When posting a link to potentially shocking or offensive material, observe the “two click” rule - don’t link directly to the item, but rather to an intermediate page that in turns links to the item. If you’re not sure whether a link is appropriate, contact a moderator or administrator before posting it. Any user who feels a posted message is objectionable should contact the moderators of the affected forum by e-mail.

Only one screen name is permitted per user. If you wish to change screen names please email an administrator. Use of multiple screen names is grounds for revocation of your right to post under ANY screen name. We reserve the right to refuse postings from screen names we find objectionable.

Vandalism, tampering, or any other abuse of the site is grounds for immediate banning. We reserve the right to report violators to their Internet service provider and law enforcement.

We reserve the right to delete any message for any or no reason whatsoever. You remain solely responsible for the content of your messages, and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless STM, vBulletin Solutions, Inc. (the makers of the bulletin board software), and their agents with respect to any claim based upon transmission of your message(s).

All postings and other material on the SDMB are copyrighted by STM. Republication of material appearing on the SDMB without express written permission of STM is prohibited, except that users retain the right to republish their own work. By posting on this board you grant STM and its successors and assigns a nonexclusive irrevocable right to reuse your posting in any manner it or they see fit without notice or compensation to you.

STM and its agents, including the administrators and moderators of the SDMB, are not responsible for anything associated with any real life meeting of our members. While we permit SDMB users to post announcements and other discussion of meetings and events on the Straight Dope Message Board, we don’t organize, sponsor, endorse, approve, or have any formal association with such events or any activities that may occur at them. We don’t vouch for any individual or group organizing or participating in an event. Attend at your own risk. SDMB moderators and administrators who attend events do so as private individuals and not as representatives or agents of STM. We encourage all attendees at these events to obey the laws of the jurisdiction in which they are held.

Privacy policy: STM respects your confidential information. Confidential information is information that you are required to submit in order to participate on the SDMB and that is not publicly available. We will not release confidential information about you except in the following circumstances: (a) we have your consent; or (b) we believe in good faith that we are legally required to do so; or © there is an emergency involving personal danger; or (d) you have vandalized our site or otherwise behaved in a manner that warrants our contacting the authorities or your Internet service provider.

From time to time we may acquire nonconfidential but sensitive information about you, some of which you may have posted yourself to our board. We won’t disclose or repeat such information except as (a) reasonable and necessary to manage our business, or (b) required by law, or © consistent with good citizenship, e.g., to prevent or report a crime or to respond to inquiries from law enforcement.

If you privately provide us with sensitive information related to the SDMB, we’ll act on it as we feel prudent, with the understanding that we’ll take reasonable measures to prevent your being identified as the source of the information without your consent, provided we’re not shielding a wrongdoer or acting against the public interest in doing so.

You are required to submit and maintain a valid e-mail address. If you do not wish to receive e-mail from other SDMB users you may so indicate in your user profile. However, we retain your e-mail address in our database and reserve the right to have SDMB staff contact you. We won’t give or sell your e-mail address to bulk mailers, brokers, or similar entities.

We log your Internet address (IP number) each time you post. The IP number tells us your Internet service provider. We reserve the right to reveal the IP numbers and e-mail address (but no other confidential information) of chronic SDMB rule violators to other bulletin board operators. We do this to identify guests registering under multiple screen names. One of our third-party advertising providers, Google, uses IP numbers to customize ads served up to SDMB users.

Please remember that postings on this board are visible to anyone with access to the Internet, and are retained in a database indefinitely. In addition, the SDMB is open to third-party search engines (“spiders”). Please do not post personal revelations or other information that may come back to haunt you. In particular, do not post your telephone number or address.

Please remember that you are our guest here, and that we reserve the right to exclude you at our whim, for any or no reason whatsoever. Subscribers who are banned forfeit all subscription fees they have paid. If you have been banned from the SDMB and resubscribe, you will be banned again without notice and forfeit your subscription fee. By registering and using the board you acknowledge this right and agree to abide by our rules and to submit to their interpretation and enforcement by our moderators and editors.

Rule enforcement is the responsibility of SDMB staff. If you believe a post violates a rule, report it using the “report post” function - this is the triangular icon at the right end of the time/date bar above each post. Do not take it upon yourself to chastise others for perceived rule violations.

The first rule of the Straight Dope Message Board remains, “Don’t be a jerk”. While there are other rules covering posting behavior they derive from that one rule. Moderators in all forums are here to ensure the rules of the board and each forum are followed. Violating any of the board rules as outlined in ATMB and the various forum specific rules may result in various levels of sanctions. Context is critical when interpreting the rules and moderation will take such into account. If you suspect a rule violation, please report it using the “report this post” button in the top right corner of each post - it looks like a triangle with a exclamation point inside it - and all moderators of that forum will be notified.

Rules for all Forums
[li]Forum Descriptions – Threads are separated based on the type of discussion. A description of each forum can be found on the main page. Moderators will move threads as appropriate.[/li][li]Copyright – Do not use copyrighted material without permission. Fair use guidelines apply and are interpreted conservatively. If you are quoting material it is good etiquette to provide a link to the source. We construe discussion of P2P and file sharing violative of copyright laws. Do not ask questions of the type “How do I get this peer-to-peer sharing software to work?” or “Can someone help me find a copy of (song or movie clip) using peer-to-peer sharing software?” Debates on the legality of this practice are allowed.[/li][li]On discussion of VPNs[/li]** Allowed:** General discussion of VPNs. Questions about legality and debates about legal and other issues. Discussions about using a VPN to hide your identity for security purposes
NOT Allowed: Discussions about VPNs for P2P and file sharing, copyright violations, or illegal purposes. Discussions about using a VPN to hide your identity for purposes such as ban evasion, socking, trolling, and spamming.
Specific VPN service providers should not be mentioned by name or linked to without permission from the moderation staff.
[li]Illegal activity or material – Do not post material that fosters or promotes activity that is illegal in the U.S. For example, discussing the effects of illegal drugs is okay, where to obtain them is not. [/li][li]Calls to Action - Do not instigate members to take action for or against any issue or entity. Do not post phone numbers, email addresses or any other personally identifiable information of any entity in this regard. Threads calling for folks to take actions (political, charitable, personal, etc.) are prohibited unless there is prior approval from a moderator or administrator.[/li][li]External Links – Links must be descriptive and should be workplace safe. Observe the two click rule such that no one gets to a website unintentionally; it requires TWO clicks, rather than just one click, to get to a site that is not safe for workplace. Do not post “jack in the box” links – those that have an image that suddenly changes or has a loud sound.[/li][li]Personal Insults – Do not directly insult or personally attack other posters. The general rule is to attack the other poster’s arguments, rather than the other poster him- or herself. This rule applies to all insults, including jokes and quotes from books & movies, as others may not get the joke. There is an exception in the BBQ Pit forum where insults are permitted. Please see specific rules for the BBQ Pit here.[/li][li]Hate Speech – Do not post hate speech directed against any race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, or gender in any forum.[/li][li]**Trolls and trolling **- Do not accuse other posters of trolling or being a troll. If you suspect someone is trolling or is a troll, please report them. Identifying a troll is a question of motivations, which aren’t objectively verifiable. There really is no “bright line” that distinguishes a troll from someone who expresses an unpopular opinion forcefully. It’s ultimately a judgement call if a particular poster is doing one versus the other. Do not troll. Trolling is posting solely for the purpose of riling others up.[/li][li]Quote Box – Do not modify another poster’s words inside the quote box. For SDMB posters, the quote must be accurate, whether displayed using [/li][QUOTE]
tags or ordinary quotation marks. Normal editorial rules apply: that is, you may indicate omitted portions of a quote by the use of ellipses “…” or devices such as [snip]. You may add text to clarify a word using square brackets (e.g., “her [the sister’s] friend”), but you may not add editorial comments or edit a quote so as to change the substantive meaning; nor may you substitute text such as “some blather” or “more nonsense” inside the

tags or quotation marks. We encourage accurate quoting of off-board individuals in a serious discussion; links are recommended. If it becomes apparent you’re derailing a discussion with fake or misleading quotes of off-board individuals, we reserve the right to take action. Unattributed parody quotes are permitted in all forums provided they don’t violate other SDMB rules. In the BBQ Pit forum only, parody quotes may be attributed to a parody username, provided that (a) the parody username is obviously satirical - we’ll be the judge of obviousness; and (b) no other rules are violated. Quotes attributed to parody usernames are not permitted in other forums.
[li]Ignore List – Do not hint or state that any particular person or group of people is on your ignore list. Revealing the usernames of people on your ignore list is forbidden outside of the BBQ Pit forum.[/li][li]Thread Titles – Do not use vague thread titles. Use descriptive thread titles.[/li][li]Thread Bumping – Do not bump your thread more than once. Posting a thank you to those who responded is not considered a bump.[/li][li]Private Messages – Do not violate any existing rules in private messages. Since they are treated as postings, the rules of conduct for private messages are the same as those of the general forums of the Straight Dope Message Board, starting, but not ending, with our most basic rule: Don’t be a jerk. There is no guarantee of privacy in these messages, and you assume the risk that any PM you send might be made public by the recipient. [/li][li]Junior Modding – Do not Junior Mod. If you feel a post is in violation of the rules, please report the post and let a moderator deal with it. If you are not a moderator do not act as one.[/li][li]Threadshitting – Do not threadshit. Threadshitting is belittling the topic or the people discussing it. It typically takes the form of a dismissive comment, like “Who cares?” or “This is stupid!” or similar. The implication of the threadshitter is that discussion of such a topic is beneath them, and should be beneath everybody else. If you really do think that a discussion is inane or pointless, the appropriate thing to do is to not participate in it. And, of course, if you see someone threadshitting, please do not respond with personal insults or accusations: instead, REPORT the post to a Moderator.[/li][li]**Threats - **Do not post threats of any kind against the SDMB, Sun-Times Media or their affiliates, including without limitation SDMB posters, staff, advertisers or other entities, regardless of where and how expressed. This includes threats of legal action even if not directed specifically at the SDMB. [/li][li]**Socks - **Do not use more than one screen name. We reserve the right to refuse postings from screen names we find objectionable.[/li][li]**Spam - **Do not post spam, including but not limited to advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, solicitations, offers to trade or barter, charitable appeals, or other messages primarily intended to promote a cause, venture, organization, event (except Straight Dope-related events), website, or other entity or activity, whether or not money is involved. Do not post spam in your signature or send it via the SDMB’s “private message” feature. Do not post the same or similar messages or threads to multiple forums; multiple threads on the same topic; or an excessive number of threads on any topic within a limited period of time. Do not start threads expressly for the purpose of meeting other posters for romantic or sexual purposes. We will notify the Internet service provider of any party posting objectionable messages.[/ol][/li]
Each individual forum may have specific rules that apply to that forum. If this is the case, those forum specific rules will be noted in a sticky at the top of the respective forum.
Warnings, notes and other moderator actions

Moderators may act in several ways to ensure the rules of the forum are followed. When moderators act it will be clearly indicated that the moderator is acting in an official capacity. Types of moderator actions:[ul][li]Warnings - An official warning on the Straight Dope Message Board acts as a permanent record of a poster’s breaking the rules of the forum. While there is not hard and fast rule, sufficient warnings over a period of time - both the number of warnings and the timeframe are intentionally left vague - may result in further, more permanent sanction. Unless rescinded by moderation staff, a warning remains on a poster’s record indefinitely. However, older warnings are given less weight when considering additional sanction.[/li][li]Moderator Notes - A moderator note is usually provided to a poster, group of posters, or all thread participants to give guidance in a particular thread. This guidance is generally given to promote an environment where discussion can take place. Unlike Warnings, mod-notes are not tracked in any official, permanent way.[/li][li]Thread or topic ban - After discussion among the moderators, a thread or topic ban may be issued for specific posters. These tend to come about when a pattern has developed indicating a specific poster cannot be trusted to remain within the rules on some topic or other. It is hoped that placing topic or thread bans will enable discussion to continue constructively for other participants.[/li][li]Suspensions - Posters may be sanctioned with a temporary suspension of posting privileges. Continuing to break rules following suspension may result in a ban from the SDMB. Suspensions are not made lightly - nor unilaterally - and are discussed among the moderation staff and voted upon.[/li][li]Banning - Repeated violations of the rules - or indications that a poster has no intent on ever following the rules - can result in a permanent banning from the SDMB. As with suspensions, the moderation staff as a whole votes on whether a poster will be banned.[/li][li]Other actions - These are not the only potential sanctions available to the moderation staff. We reserve the right to get creative in the future.[/ul][/li]
Right to appeal - For all questions, comments, and complaints about the SDMB or its moderation, please post in the About this Message Board sub-forum. The moderation staff will do their best to participate in these threads to explain the reasoning behind the action.

[ol][li]Q: I’m a new user and I have not received my confirmation email. What do I do?[/li]A: : If you do not receive your confirmation email within an hour or so after your initial registration, check your spam filter; often the confirmation email gets stuck there. If you do not find the confirmation email in the spam trap, contact a moderator via e-mail. A list of moderators may be found here: If the e-mail button on that page does not work for you, most moderators have their e-mail address visible on their profile, under the Contact Info tab.
[li]Q: What’s the difference between Guest, Member, and Moderator? And what’s SDSAB?[/li]A:[ul][li]Guests are people who don’t pay. Guests can read and write to the board and have a few similar privileges. Guests see the banner ads on the pages. [/li][li]Members are people that pay an annual subscription fee and post at the SDMB. Members do NOT see the banner ads, as one convenience of membership. Charter Members are people who were posting before we went on a fee basis, who paid their fees in the first months of change and have remained with us on a fee-paying basis ever since. (NOTE: Failure to pay on time can result in loss of the “Charter” title. This is a system effect that we have no control over.)[/li][li]Moderators are people that are in charge of reviewing the posts in a certain forum to make sure they meet forum guidelines. Our goal is to build community, and to have reasonably polite discourse and debate. Moderators are the ones who help enforce the rules. [/li][li]SDSAB stands for the “Straight Dope Science Advisory Board,” people who write Staff Reports (see the Archives.) The SDSAB play no role in the running of the Straight Dope Message Boards; their opinions are their own.[/li][/ul]

There are a few other titles, like Cecil Adams’ title “Perfect Master,” but these are rare. Custom Titles are also available. For a small fee, you can change your title to almost anything (but not Moderator, Administrator, SDSAB, or any of the other standard titles). See the details here.
[li]Q: I want to change my user name.[/li]A: Email SDMB Administrator, TubaDiva at: and request a change. You must use the email address under which you are registered. We do not “recycle” screen names; once registered to the board, that name cannot be used again. First come, first served. Remember that names are subject to approval by management. NOTE: Do not simply re-register on your own. Multiple screen names may cause you to lose privileges under ANY name, as spelled out in the registration agreement.

It’s quickest if you provide two or three new names you would like, ranked in the order that you like them. We have many names already on the board and since we don’t recycle, you may have chosen a name currently in the database. Remember that names have meaning and power here. Use wisely your privilege to choose. Management reserves the right of final approval on all names.
[li]Q: How do I change my password?[/li]A: Click on User CP in the upper left corner of any SDMB page, then on Edit Email & Password from the choices on the left. Type in your current password. Type your new password TWICE: once to change, once again to confirm. Hit the “Submit Modifications” button.
[li]Q: I forgot/lost my password! What do I do?[/li]A:Click on this link. Follow the prompts. You will need to receive, open, and trigger the url inside a confirmation email after you do this. If you do not receive your confirmation email within an hour or so, check your spam filter; often the confirmation email gets stuck there. If you do not find the confirmation email in the spam trap, contact
[li]Q: How do I change my email address?[/li]A: Click on User CP in the upper left corner of any SDMB page, then on Edit email & password in the choices on the left. You will see your current email address; type in your new email address TWICE: once to change, once again to confirm. Make any other profile changes you like and hit the Save Changes button. Then check the new e-mail address for the confirmation message that will be automatically sent to you. If you do not receive your confirmation email within an hour or so, check your spam filter; often the confirmation email gets stuck there. If you do not find the confirmation email in the spam trap, contact

IMPORTANT: When you change your password or email address, the system will AUTOMATICALLY send you a confirmation email about the change and will move your registration to the security holding queue pending your handling of the confirmation email. You will be locked out of the system until you respond to that confirmation email. If that email address was invalid, guess what? You just locked yourself out of the SDMB. If you have accidentally done this, then please contact a moderator and ask to have your privileges restored.

SO **don’t register with an invalid email address. **Don’t change your email to an invalid address. Otherwise, it just inconveniences everyone. And, please, if you have changed your email address, be sure to change it in the registration for the SDMB. That’s the only way we have of contacting you!
[li]Q: I see something posted on the message board that I think breaks the rules. What should I do?[/li]A: Report the post. You can easily do this using the REPORT BAD POST button – the little exclamation point in the red triangle in the upper right corner of each post. When you click on that button, you will see a message that says

Since the message board is so active, and the moderators are unpaid volunteers, we appreciate any assistance that our members can give us. We can’t be everywhere, we can’t see everything, so we rely on you to report infractions of the rules. Your Report of a bad post will send an email to all the moderators of that forum.

If you want to edit your own post (for example, if you made a coding error), you have five-minutes after posting during which you can do. so If you miss that time limit, you can now REPORT your own post and explain to the moderator exactly what you’d like changed. Note that moderators will not accept edits that are total revisions; once you’ve posted, you’ve posted. But we will be happy to help with typos, mis-coding, etc.
[li]Q: I get a lot of enjoyment out of the SDMB and would like to contribute financially to my host in some way.[/li]A: You can be a subscribing member of the Straight Dppe Message Board. Annual subscriptions are $14.95 per year and you can subscribe for multiple years at a time. You can also purchase gift subscriptions for your friends and loved ones.

You can also purchase a Custom User Title and style yourself as something besides vanilla “Member.” We once had a store for Straight Dope merchandise but it is not operational at the present time. That may change, so stay tuned, we’ll let you know when we have merchandise available for sale.
[li]Q: Why can’t I edit my own post?[/li]A: You can edit your own post, within a time limit. There is a five-minute window after hitting the SEND button during which you can edit your own post. The EDIT button should be visible during this period; when the five minutes are up, the EDIT button vanishes.

We have imposed this time limit to avoid abuse, of people changing what they wrote after meeting opposition or hostility. In short, we don’t want people re-writing history. The five-minute window allows you to edit typos and make other minor changes. If you make a serious typo, email the Board moderators (or REPORT the post) and they’ll be happy to fix it. A “serious” typo includes errors in coding (spoiler tags, quotes, etc) and typos that lead to misunderstanding (“now” when you meant “not,” for instance.)
[li]Q: How do I change my board settings?[/li]A: Click on User CP in the upper left corner of any SDMB page, then click on Edit Options from the menu list on the left. Here you can make various decisions about your personal board settings: for example, whether you want your email address to be visible, whether you want to use a signature line, your privacy settings, time zones, etc. Make your changes and then hit the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

Note: if you choose not to use use cookies on the board, you’ll have to log in EVERY time you go to a new page. We suggest you accept cookies Make your changes and hit the “Submit Modifications” button.
[li]Q: Why can’t I highlight things?[/li]A: This appears to be a browser based bug, affecting Chrome and Firefox. See this thread for further discussion.
[li]Q: How can I add an avatar?[/li]A: In the User CP on the left hand side, click “edit avatar”. Images must be 50px square or smaller, and be less than 20kb. Do not use animated avatars. Do not use offensive images. You may view them or not, as you wish as well. This is controlled in in your User Control Panel (User CP hyperlink in the blue band across the top of every SDMB page), select “Edit Options”, look under “Thread Display Options,” and click the box by “Show avatars.”
[li]Q: How do I post a “spoiler”?[/li]A: Use the custom vBcode tag spoiler, added by the SDMB staff. Typing:

- and it really was a kitten, after all.

would appear as - and it really was a kitten, after all. (Click on the little box that says “Show” to read the text in the spoiler box.
[li]Q: May I use a signature at the end of my posts?[/li]A: Yes. Please keep signatures to four lines or less. Signatures observe the same rules as the general forums of the SDMB.
[li]Q: Why does the time I see displayed for a post not match my current time?[/li]A: First, the administrator has to set the server location’s offset from GMT (which we have done.) Second, you (the poster) must go to User CP > Edit Options and set your location’s offset from GMT. Then you should see the time displayed correctly.

Also keep in mind guests (and/or posters not currently logged in) will always see GMT no matter what.
[li]Q: What does vBulletin (the software used to run our message board) do for daylight savings time?[/li]A: Here’s how vBulletin handles Daylight Savings Time (“Summer Time”).
The SDMB server automatically updates its time according to the Daylight Savings Time in effect at the server’s physical location (Chicago, Illinois, USA). Rules for that location are that clocks move ahead by an hour starting on the second Sunday of March, and are set back an hour on the first Sunday of November.

If the Daylight Savings Time change of your current physical location does not match the Daylight Savings Time change of the server’s physical location, members will need to select the right offset accordingly, typically by adjusting the time in your User CP by one hour, either forward or backwards depending on where you are. Unfortunately during this period you can not rely on the “physical location” drop-down in the User CP > Edit Options control panel. Choose the offset that is correct for you, ignoring the description of the physical location that corresponds to that offset.
[li]Q: What happens when you put someone on your “Ignore” list?[/li]A:When a person is on your ignore list, instead of their post, you see the message “This person is on your Ignore list. To read their post, click here.”, and there is a link on which you can click to read their post anyway.

If an ignored person starts a thread, you do indeed see the thread, just not the OP - unless you click on the link inside their ignored post. The thread title is unaffected.
[li]Q: I see people using acronyms like AFAIK, IIRC, TMI. What do those mean?[/li]A: AFAIK = As far as I know
IIRC = If I recall correctly
TMI = Too much information

For SDMB-specific abbreviations and “in-joke” terms, see Beginner’s Guide to Glossary of Terms on Straight Dope Message Boards
[li]Q: How do I create a poll?[/li]A: To create a poll, follow these steps:[LIST=1]
[li] Follow the usual “Post New Thread” process. The opening post (OP) that you type will appear below the poll. [/li][li] After you’ve entered the title and typed the opening post, scroll down to the “additional options” box and look for “post a poll.” Check the box: “Yes, post a poll with this thread,” and fill in the number of options you want to make available.[/li][li] Click “Submit New Thread” and you’ll be taken to a new screen, where you can create the poll itself.[/li][li] Under “Poll question,” fill in the text you want people to see above the poll (remember, your OP will show up below it).[/li][li] Under “Poll options,” fill in one answer per box. If you goofed on the number of answers, go to the “number of poll options” box, change the number, and click "Update Options[/li][/ol]
The “Poll timeout” allows you to create polls that only stay open for a specified number of days. Leave it blank to leave the poll open indefinitely.

There are two new options under “Miscellaneous options”:[ul]
[li] “Allow multiple choice” presents viewers with checkboxes instead of radio buttons, so they can choose more than one option. This is for the “check all that apply” polls, as opposed to the “pick the one best answer” polls.[/li][li]*“Make votes public” means that everybody will be able to see how everybody else voted. This is handy when you want to make a poll like “Who wants me to send them $100”? You don’t just find out how many people said “yes,” you get to see their names so you can send them the $100 (just assume I voted yes on that poll, okay?).[/li][/ul]

**Voting in a poll - **It’s really quite straightforward. View the thread, and you’ll see the poll at the top. Click on your choice (or choices, if “allow multiple choice” is turned on), and then click on "vote now."If this is a public poll, the words “Be advised that this is a public poll: other users can see the choice(s) you selected.” will appear above the poll options. You may only vote one time. The SDMB will remember how you voted, and won’t give you a chance to do it again. If you go back to read the thread, the choice that you voted for will show up in italic font.
**Reading the results - **When you vote, you’ll automatically be taken to a results screen, which has the responses displayed above the OP. You can also click the “View Results” button to see the responses without voting yourself. If you’re looking at a public poll, the number of votes received by each answer will be a link. Click on the link, and you’ll get a list of which members voted for which answer.
**Editing polls - **Once your poll is finalized, you can no longer make changes. Mods are able to edit polls but, as with editing posts, we prefer not to interfere. Adding or changing options after a poll has begun makes the overall results less meaningful. If there is a significant problem, email us or report the post. The mods can either close the thread so you can start over, or–if you catch the error immediately–make minor changes before the voting starts.
[li]Q: May I ask for help on my homework?[/li]A: Yes. You may ask, but no one is obligated to do your homework for you and typically posters prefer to guide you to the proper resources so that you have the ability to do your own homework. Sometimes other posters may oblige your request.
[li]Q: What happened to a particular thread or poster? They seem to be missing or banned without notice?[/li]A: If you are curious about a particular thread or poster, please PM a moderator. In probably 95% of such cases, the thread or poster that vanished was an attention-seeker – a spammer , sock, or troll. They’re out for any attention, even negative attention, and we don’t want to give it to them. They disappear, as do their posts. And as do posts about them. Please do not post a public inquiry.
[li]Q: I think I got hit by malware on the SDMB, what should I do?[/li]A: Please post a report to About This Message Board so we can investigate. For best results, malware reports should include the following:[ul]
[li]Tell us specifically what happened, not just “I got hit by malware.” For example: (a) my antivirus software notified me it had blocked an attack and gave me the following report (and then post the report); (b) I got a popup saying [whatever]; © my system locked up and the screen turned blue, etc. It’s especially helpful for us to know the name of the suspected item of malware.[/li][li]Time/date of occurrence, your geographic location, and browser/operating system you are using.[/li][li]Whether you were looking at an SDMB page or a column archive page. These are hosted on different servers and see different ads.[/li][li]If possible, provide a screen shot of the page you were on when the incident occurred. With WinXP this can be done with Alt-PrintScreen and with Win7 you can use the Snipping Tool. If you can’t do this, please describe any ads or popups that were visible. [/ul][/li][li]Q: I think my IP has been banned at the SDMB, what should I do?[/li]A: Please contact TubaDiva @ aol. com .In your email please list the IP address you are currently using, that will go a long way towards solving the problem. If you do not know your IP number go to this site, it will tell you:
[li]Q: Why can’t I highlight text in Chrome or Firefox?[/li]A: This is a bug in Chrome, which has been copied into Firefox. It is believed that this bug was introduced in the version of Chrome released on 5/26/2018. The bug only affects the SDMB Mobile theme (Sultantheme’s Responsive vB3-blue) as it is triggered by a setting in that theme. The theme has a section for setting the highlight color, but does not actually set the highlight color to anything. The browsers should therefore just ignore this, but instead, Firefox and Chrome incorrectly do not highlight text. The text is being selected, just not visibly so.
There are several solutions to this.[ol]
[li]Switching to the regular theme (Straightdope v3.7.3). The drop-down menu to select the theme is on the lower left side of the page.[/li][li]Use a different browser.[/li][li]Revert to an older version of Chrome or Firefox.[/ol][/li]
At the time of this posting, there is no fix for the bug for either Chrome or Firefox.
[li]Q: How do I search the SDMB using Google?[/li]A: Check out this thread for detailed information.